Do’s and Don'ts of Marketing Your Portland Home Online

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Marketing your portland home online you has become the first showing when selling your Portland modern home.  The first impression is so important even crucial to your success.  So much so that agents are beginning to allocate big budgets to ensure that their listings garner the most traffic.

Do Use Professional Photos

The internet is one of most popular places for home buyers to do their initial shopping.  If your Portland home for sale isn’t online, it needs to be there. If it is online, it needs professional photography.  Not all photographers are equal, so be sure to look out for these traits when selecting a photographer.

  • Does the photographer use a wide angle lens?  Shots of tight bathrooms and closets and even great room spaces look better when you can see the wide angle.
  • Do you have options for different angles of the same space?  Some photographers charge by the photo and agents will opt for just one shot per space.  You want to be sure to capture the homes best side!
  • Are the shots framed correctly?  An agent with experience in selecting photos for media should be able to help you know if the shot was framed correctly.  There are principles in shot theory that should be followed.
  • Do the shots show accurate color and proper exposure? You’d be surprised at how many “professional photographers” don’t light their scene properly and then use editing to brighten the shots over exposing the background.  The shot should allow your eyes to see the space as if you were truly in the room.
  • Does the sequence of photos guide you through the house?  The shots should tell a story.  From entry to back yard, the tour should make sense like you were walking the home.

Finally, ask yourself, if a picture says a thousand words, what are the photos of my home saying? If your pictures don’t look friendly and inviting, and if they don’t make your home look its very best, you might as well take your home off the market.

Do Add Data & Engaging Copy

Don’t forget to add important information. Think about it. How many other homes are being sold online? What makes yours better/different? In other words, why should a buyer take the time to look at your house in person?

Buyers aren’t mind readers. They can’t look at a picture and see that your home has an updated furnace or roof.  You have to tell them that.  If your house also has a large backyard, walking paths nearby or green home features, by all means, brag about it.  The description is the place to tell the buyer what they can’t find elsewhere in the listing.

Don’t Forget To Promote On Social Media

People need to see your home in person before they’ll decide to buy it.  Social Media is a great way to spread the word to would-be buyers.  Social Media postings are like the old newspaper ads.

  • Make sure that you post a link to a landing page with the details of the listing and all of the photos.  Use lead capture tools to gather contact info of perspective buyers.
  • Give the buyer an incentive for registering.  Tease them with a little more exclusive insight than what’s available on the public portal sites like Zillow or Trulia.

There are several areas where marketing can go bad and become a missed opportunity for selling your Portland home. However, if you follow some basic best practices, your home will stand out from the crowd to buyers because it’s unique features will pop from the page.

Let Us Help You!

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