Why Summer Is the Best Time to Sell

by | Jun 22, 2016 | Market Trends | 0 comments

Portland is really a seller’s market at the moment, with more demand than supply, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you can afford to wait indefinitely to sell your home. With buyers widening their nets to search Portland neighborhoods that are further from the city center, you still need to make your home attractive to buyers and price it competitively.

The sooner you put your house on the market, the greater opportunity you have to beat out new development and take advantage of buyers looking to get into real estate before prime rates bump up mortgage rates. As it happens, summer is also a great season to sell for a number of reasons. Here are a few to consider if you’re thinking of listing sooner rather than later.

Good Natural Light

You want to show your property in the best light, both literally and figuratively. With the gray skies of winter making way for summer sunshine, now is a great time to show your home to prospective buyers.

Think about whether you get the best natural light in the morning or afternoon and then plan your open house and viewings with this knowledge in mind. The best way to make Portland condos and houses appear bright, airy, and spacious is to feature abundant natural lighting.

No-Fuss Landscaping

Selling a home in fall or spring could mean some major effort when it comes to curb appeal.  It takes a lot of effort to counter balance the bare trees, moss, falling leaves and lack of blooming color which are vital to the composition of curb appeal.

Portland modern homes are bound to provide the best first impression in summer, when green shoots are popping up and buds are in full bloom. With your flora doing its own thing in summer you can focus on interior cosmetic concerns and turn your attention to staging.

Less Competition

Summer seems to be the most popular time of year for home listings, probably due in no small part to the fact that this is when families are most likely to look, thanks to good weather conditions and other factors. However in Portland, that is a little known myth.  The reality of it is that the spring months produce the highest volume of pending sales.  If you want to wait patiently and maximize the awareness of your listings for Portland lofts, condos, and homes, putting your property on the market in early summer is the way to go.

On the one hand, you want to target the most buyers, but when you’re competing with a ton of other springtime listings you might not have the same crazy amount of showings but you don’t have to worry about not selling quickly or even inciting a bidding war. You should consider all potential benefits before listing your home.