Should You List Your Home During the Holidays?

by | Nov 23, 2016 | Seller Tips | 0 comments

Figuring out when to list your Portland modern homes for sale is often a matter of strategy. You want to take advantage of favorable weather conditions when buyers are most likely to want to move, but supply and demand are also a consideration.

That said, deciding when to sell could also depend on your personal circumstances. Perhaps you need to move for some reason, like a new job or to be closer to an ailing family member. Maybe you’re ready to take the next step and move in with your love interest. It could be that a baby is on the way and your current space is no longer suitable.

Still, before you start looking in desirable Portland neighborhoods for your next home, you need to consider the best strategy to get the best return on your current house. Is it wise to try to list your home during the holidays? Here are a few things to consider.

Weather Conditions

In addition to the holiday hustle and bustle, the main thing that might stop you from listing your home for sale during the holiday season is weather conditions. Not only do buyers not want to wander through rain and snow to view Portland lofts, but they definitely don’t want to move in such weather conditions (and neither do you, for that matter).

One thing to consider is the escrow. If you sell your home during the holidays, you could always use a longer escrow (say, 90 days). This would not only allow you plenty of time to pack up your possessions, but also set your moving date in early spring, rather than winter.


The upside of listing your home for sale during the holidays is that you’re not likely to face a lot of competition. Although fewer people may be on the lookout for housing, there are also a lot less people selling. If you wait until spring or summer to list your home, you’ll have a lot more competitors on the market, perhaps causing you to reduce your sale price or miss out on potential bidding wars. Supply and demand is perhaps the most important consideration when listing your home.


Real Estate portal sites have made it easy for prospective buyers to get a look at what’s on the market, allowing them to virtually window shop for homes. Because of this change in the way properties for sale are found, traditional buying seasons no longer hold as much weight.  Window shoppers become actual shoppers when they find something they just have to have.  Many buyers have lots of extra time off work around the holidays and not all of them want to fight the crowds at the mall.  List your home during the holidays and you could potentially capitalize on this extra downtime.

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