Does Staging Really Help to Sell Your Home?

by | Jan 13, 2016 | Seller Tips | 0 comments

When you first purchase a home, you do repairs, upgrades, and renovations as a means of making your living space more functional and beautiful for your own utility and enjoyment. You perform regular maintenance for the same reason. However, the money you put into your home also helps to maintain or increase the value of your property, protecting your investment for the day when you decide to sell. That said, no amount of maintenance and upgrades help to sell Portland modern homes that aren’t staged properly.

You might not think staging your home is as important as, say, upgrading an outdated bathroom or replacing chipped tiles in the kitchen. Keep in mind, however, that you could spend a lot of money on home upgrades and see very little return on investment, whereas letting sleeping dogs lie, so to speak, might not significantly harm your chances of making a sale or receiving your asking price. The best way to sell Portland lofts without unnecessary expenditure is to attend to simple cosmetics.

Staging your home includes clearing out clutter (especially personal items like photos), arranging a few items of furniture and accessories to make the space look as large and appealing as possible, and perhaps touching up paint and steam cleaning flooring for a fresh, clean appearance. Your goal is to make your home interior attractive, but somewhat nondescript, like the Portland condos you might see in design magazines. You want to create a neutral sketch of your living space that helps potential buyers fill in the blanks with their own possessions – to see themselves living in the space.

For this reason, you might actually want to spend the money to hire a stager. Your realtor can likely suggest someone suitable for the task, and this professional has the expertise to make your home look as modern and attractive to potential buyers as possible thanks to a warehouse full of suitable furnishings and accessories specifically for the task. Unless you happen to be an interior designer or you know one that can help you, hiring a pro is the best way to stage your home properly.

Curb appeal, modern upgrades, and attractive Portland neighborhoods can go a long way toward ensuring home sales, but stellar staging can definitely speed the process along. If you want to showcase your home in the best possible light in order to quickly sell or create a bidding war, staging can give you the edge over other sellers on the market that haven’t made the same investment.