Creative Mid-Century Modern Design Ideas

by | Jun 9, 2016 | Living Urban | 0 comments

Because mid-century modern design revolves around clean lines, simple shapes, and an overall streamlined aesthetic, it’s easy to adopt this classic style. Unfortunately, it can make Portland modern homes a bit boring if you’re not careful.

Simple designs can be beautiful and appealing, but a lack of embellishment could leave the eye wanting more. If you’re interested in adding visual appeal with mid-century modern design, you need to get creative. Here are just a few ways mid-century modern decor can turn your home into swinging party pads or sophisticated lounges.

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Color and Pattern

The best way to make the most of the simple design aesthetic of the mid-century modern style is with bright colors and eye-catching patterns that add visual appeal and focus to your rooms. For example, a whitewashed kitchen space could easily be complimented by colorful accents.

Instead of choosing a white table and chairs for your breakfast nook, choose a bright color or at least add colorful pillows on chairs and playful lamps, vases, and dish ware. You could use furniture and accent pieces to compliment a colorful backsplash as well.

Don’t forget that pattern can also help to create visual interest. The resurgence in wallpaper makes it easy to find suitable, style-appropriate patterns, or you could simply look for patterned textiles for curtains, throw pillows, and so on.

Texture and Shine

Color and pattern allow you to easily add visual interest to any decor, but don’t forget about other elements like texture and shine. Varied textures can help to make flat, boring decor into a rich and inviting space. So mix it up with materials like wood, plastic, leather, tweed (and other textiles), faux fur, shag rugs, and so on.

Don’t forget the shine you can add through plastic and metallic finishes. All will help to spice up decor dominated by simplicity.

A Touch of Nature

If you’ve chosen your mid-century modern furnishings and found the overall effect to be a bit bland, it may be time to bring the vibrancy of Portland culture into your home by adding some natural elements. Plants can add color and texture to any indoor space, and if you have a mid-century modern home with typical, large banks of windows, make sure the landscaping turns your view into a visual feast of flora.

Mix and Match

These days, decorating Portland modern homes doesn’t necessarily require you to stick to one style. If you’re struggling to spice up your mid-century modern decor, add a few unexpected elements like a vintage Victorian chandelier, batik throws, or local artwork. This will not only add visual appeal, but it will also imbue your space with your personality.

Photo Credit: Decoist