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Restore Oregon February 18,2015 | By Paul Johnson | Market Trends

Restore Oregon Is Advocating to Restore Portland

Restore Oregon Is Advocating to Restore Portland Portland, Oregon is known for it’s hyper liberal attitude and mottos like “Keep Portland Wierd.”

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The Trolley Depot - Portland Modern Homes January 28,2015 | By Paul Johnson | Market Trends

The Trolley Depot – 5 Affordable Portland Modern Homes

Often I speak with home buyers that are frustrated with their home search for Portland Modern Homes. They have an idea in their head about what they want in a home, however the inventory just doesn’t support their dream. Many … Read More

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portland schools January 22,2015 | By Paul Johnson | Market Trends

10 Things You Should Know About the Portland Schools New Transfer System

The Portland School Board voted four to one on Tuesday to replace the decades-old student transfer policy, drastically altering the way students are allowed to switch Portland schools. The previous transfer system, which included a lottery system allowing students to move … Read More

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best restaurants in portland fireplace January 14,2015 | By Paul Johnson | Market Trends

19 Best Restaurants In Portland To Cozy Up Next To A Fire

As the weather stays cold, more people stay in and enjoy the warmth of their Portland home. But that can often lead to a bit of cabin fever. So we’ve put together a list of some of the best restaurants … Read More

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Mississippi District Portland December 11,2014 | By Paul Johnson | Market Trends

From Worst to Hippest, Mississippi District Gets NY Times Praise

Portland, Ore. — North Mississippi Avenue in Portland’s Mississippi District delivers a hipster experience as reliably as the rain. The street’s commercial district, which runs five blocks from North Fremont Street up to North Skidmore Street, has coffee-roasting equipment, saltwater … Read More

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Moving to Portland Oregon November 11,2014 | By Paul Johnson | Buyer Tips,Market Trends

Are There Not Enough New Homes For People Moving To Portland Oregon?

There are some hotly contested debates going on in Portland surrounding development of new homes.  There are historical preservation groups like Restore Oregon that don’t like the the infill development and movement towards density within the city.  They hope to … Read More

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Pearl District Condos November 5,2014 | By Paul Johnson | Market Trends

20 Years Of Pearl District Condos; Should We be Worried About Affordability?

20 Years Of Pearl District Condos; Should We be Worried About Affordability? As early as 1988, Portland planning officials saw the potential for a vast redevelopment in the neighborhoods north of downtown.  At the time they called the area the … Read More

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New Homes In Portland September 29,2014 | By Paul Johnson | Market Trends

Historic Home Demolition Make Way For New Homes In Portland

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] There has been a rising debate among homeowners that live in the popular inner neighborhoods of Portland.  Many residents who love the charm and the history of the neighborhoods take objection to the rising rate of Portland new homes being … Read More

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