Unique Upgrades to Set Your Home Apart

by | Apr 26, 2017 | Living Urban | 0 comments

Whether you’re interested in Portland modern homes or you find the charm of older structures more appealing chances are you’ll eventually have to make some unique upgrades to turn a good-enough property into your all-out dream home and set your home apart. Remodeling and renovations can not only benefit you by increasing enjoyment of your home, but you stand to increase your property value and attract buyers in the process.

Of course, you first have to choose the upgrades that will set your property apart from similar Portland condos or lofts. Here are just a few unique options that could make your home a lot more attractive than others in nearby Portland neighborhoods.

Traditional Family Rooms

You might ask yourself if this is really an upgrade because it is an old-school concept. However, more and more families are looking to return to simpler times.  In which there was more to family time than watching TV while simultaneously checking Facebook and playing mobile games.

This is why the traditional family room, complete with comfortable seating, board games, and books has become a popular option. This is not to say that modern homeowners are avoiding electronics completely. However, most still have gadget-filled living rooms or at least TVs and other technologies in other areas of the home. They are also setting aside space for real, face-to-face, quality family time.

Heated Flooring

Portland is notoriously chilly throughout the year thanks to the cold, wet, Pacific Northwest climate. Due to this, heating is an important element in Portland lofts, condos, and homes. In-floor heating is a great way to keep your toes toasty. Since heat rises, it can also prove more economical than standard, forced-air heating.


While you’re busy upgrading kitchens and bathrooms for a major return on investment, it’s possible that you’re neglecting one of the best home upgrades, not only for you but for a future sale. Over time, insulation in the walls can settle or deteriorate, compromising the comfort and economy of your home interior.

Upgrading insulation in the walls, the attic, the basement, and areas like windows and doors including weather-stripping, double-pained glass, etc., helps create a cozy interior. Consequently, it significantly reduces heating bills. It’s also something that buyers are sure to appreciate.

Deep Kitchen Drawers

Kitchen upgrades are a small touch. Deep kitchen drawers make a major difference in overall functionality and convenience. If you’ve ever had to reach into cupboards in search of pots, pans, or utensils, you know what a pain traditional cabinetry is.

This is why deep kitchen drawers that pull out to provide easy access to kitchen devices is so popular. You’ll wonder how you ever got by without them. Additionally, prospective buyers will love this upgrade.