Turn Your Portland Home into a Buyer Magnet With These 6 Eco-Features

by | Mar 26, 2013 | Living Urban, Seller Tips

Turn Your Portland Home into a Buyer Magnet With These 6 Eco-Features

The key to staying relevant in the ever changing game of marketing to buyers is knowing what they want.  Today’s buyer is savvy and informed.  So how do you appeal to this new animal and not go broke doing it?  You get smart with your Portland home by spending less cash and adding more green.

With the growing demand for green features, buyers like the idea of purchasing a house that already contains a few eco-conscious elements. From environmentally sound materials to energy efficient windows and doors, just adding one green upgrade could be the ticket to smartly market your Portland home.

6 eco-features buyers love:

  1. Water-saving appliances – Install low-flow toilets and aerators on showers to reduce your water usage and see a surprising reduction in your bills.
  2. High-efficiency filters and air purifiers – Remove even the smallest dust particles and kill bacteria that could be floating throughout your house.
  3. Paving stones – Use paving stones for your driveway in place of concrete. It looks quaint and allows rainwater to seep into the ground, instead of flooding the storm water system.
  4. A sealed garage – Properly seal your garage to ensure poisonous fumes and outdoor contaminates don’t accidentally seep into your living areas.
  5. Solar power – Decrease your energy bill by incorporating these sun soakers into your grid. Just make sure they’re positioned discretely, so they don’t become an eyesore.
  6. Efficient windows – Help regulate your home’s temperature by limiting air leakage.

If you don’t have the cash to turn your house completely green, just update one or two features and be sure to highlight them when marketing your home. By providing your potential buyer with energy savings, you may also save yourself time and money when your home sells faster and for more money.

Don’t leave money on the table when you sell your Portland home. With the right updates and marketing, I can help you turn your house into a buyer magnet.  Want more helpful articles? Check out the Portland Real Estate Blog.