Space-Saving Tips for Your Portland Home

by | Dec 6, 2013 | Living Urban

If you feel like you need more space in your Portland home, consider re-configuring the space you already have, rather than building on an addition or moving.  Not only does working inside your existing footprint save money up front, but smaller homes are cheaper to heat, cool, furnish and maintain.  You’ll also save on taxes and insurance.  Here are some ideas.

  • Evaluate your space.  How do you really live in your Portland home?  Walk through it and make notes on high-use zones that should be reconfigured and under-performing areas that could be put to use.
  • Open it up.  Simply opening up a wall may help your flow.  A minor remodel that makes your home function better will pay you back if you sell in the future.  Opening up a small kitchen by combining it with adjoining rooms is among the most common remodels today, and the trend is likely to continue.  An open floor plan means reduced material use, better space utilization and better light penetration, as well as more accessible space.
  • Go vertical.  To make a small bedroom more efficient, consider a loft bed.  This will free up floor space and keep sleepers warmer at night. Space-saving bunk beds in the kids’ room or a trundle bed can accommodate overnight guests.
  • Store it away.  To keep clutter at bay, invest in storage systems such as built-in shelving, wall units or under-bed bins.
  • Fold it away.  Remember the old-fashioned ironing boards that used to attach to the wall? Now you can get a fold-out desk area that disappears when not in use.

If you need more space than these tips can provide, you may want to move to a larger Portland home. I can help you find one and purchase it at a great price. Contact me today at 503-701-3613 or paul(at)urbanvue(dot)com for more information.