Projects that Don’t Add Value to Your Portland Home for Sale

by | Dec 13, 2012 | Seller Tips

Projects that Don’t Add Value to Your Portland Home for Sale

There is no simple way to discover which home-improvement projects will yield the highest return when you’re ready to sell your home. There are many variables that come into play such as the state of the real estate market when you put your Portland home up for sale, how old your home is, and the style of your home.

Here are several costly projects to pass up if you want to get the biggest bang for your bucks:

Extravagant Landscaping

Buyers expect a well-maintained yard; they don’t expect the home’s value to increase because of it. Beautiful landscaping may encourage potential buyers to take a closer look at your Portland home for sale, but it most likely will not add to the selling price. If a buyer is unable or unwilling to put in the effort to maintain an elaborate garden, it becomes a negative feature rather than a positive one.  Extensive hard-scape may have value to some buyers but not to others.

Swimming Pool

A swimming pool seems like fun to have, but can actually be more of a hassle than a pleasure. Many potential buyers consider swimming pools expensive and time consuming to maintain. Buyers may say no to an otherwise perfect house if it has a pool. Or, they may include in the contract a stipulation that the seller has to take down an above-ground pool or fill in an in-ground pool, at their own expense, before closing.  Especially in Oregon, where pool maintenance and heating costs far out weigh the amount of time you can enjoy it.

High-End Upgrades

Buyers don’t want to see the absolute cheapest renovations in a Portland home for sale, but they also don’t want to pay more for the highest-priced upgrades that they don’t need.   Marble counter-tops in a kitchen and a built-in sauna in a bathroom are nice, but unless you have a high-end home in a high-end neighborhood, don’t expect to get your money back from these upgrades.  High end appliances are often a money pit even in high end homes.  Be careful about your selections and know that the cost might be for your pleasure alone.

Don’t spend thousands of dollars on a home-improvement project that will not increase your home’s value when it comes time to sell.  Do spend money on projects that will make your home a wonderful place to live in now and that may increase the selling price when you’re ready to sell.

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