Portland Real Estate DIY Project: Stain Kitchen Cabinets

by | Apr 24, 2013 | Buyer Tips

Portland Real Estate DIY Project: Stain Kitchen Cabinets

In this fast paced sellers market the Portland real estate that is getting the most attention are the homes that are totally move in ready and completely updated.  Competition is fierce.   This has left the door open for a savvy buyer to snatch up a deal by focusing on homes that may need a few DIY projects.  Cabinets are expensive and are usually the last thing sellers want to replace.  Take advantage of this opportunity to gain instant equity.  Consider cutting costs by staining the kitchen cabinets yourself.  and then freshening up the rest of the kitchen and bathrooms with new counter-tops, fixtures and appliances.

Here’s the basic 4-step process to staining kitchen cabinets for your Portland real estate.

  1. Gather supplies:  120-grit and 220-grit sandpaper, wood conditioner, paintbrushes, tack cloths, rags, stain and polyurethane.  Some experts recommend water-based stain and sealer because they’re easier to work with, while others insist on oil-based products because of their durability.  Do some research to make the right choice for you.
  2. Prepare the wood:  Using 120-grit sandpaper, lightly sand the wood in the direction of the grain.  This prevents scratches.  Remove all of the loose dust with a tack cloth.  Then sand the cabinets again, this time using 220-grit sandpaper.  This creates a smooth finish.  Remove all the loose dust with a tack cloth and apply a coat of wood conditioner to the cabinets.  Let it dry completely.
  3. Stain the wood:  Brush on a coat of stain with a paintbrush following the grain of the wood.  Then take a rag and rub the stain into the wood using a circular motion. Finish the staining by wiping along the grain of the wood one final time to ensure an even finish.  Let the stain dry completely.
  4. Seal the wood:  Apply two coats of polyurethane following the manufacturer’s directions.  Once you’ve sealed the cabinets, make sure you give them ample time to cure.

Staining the cabinets for your Portland real estate kitchen remodel can save you a lot of money and help you gain equity when its time to sell.  Just be sure you take the time to do a quality job.  You’ll be living with the results for a long time, so make sure it looks good.

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