Photos Can Help … or Hurt Portland Homes for Sale

by | Apr 18, 2013 | Seller Tips

“Use a picture. It’s worth a thousand words.” – Arthur Brisbane

One photograph can have a bigger impression on an individual than an entire essay. With the number of potential buyers searching for Portland homes for sale online, vivid photographs have sprouted everywhere. In fact, good photography can make that slight difference between having your home passed over and selling it.

If you’re considering adding your home to the online list of Portland homes for sale, you need to think about photos – and those photos need to be good. Just like the home itself, the photos need to stand out from the crowd. Here are a few tips:

Talk to your agent about what’s “hot” right now. Obviously, your strongest selling points are what buyers are looking for now. Two years ago, buyers were looking for fewer square feet, stepping away from the McMansions. Last year, it was decks and patios. This year, it could be your beautiful backyard with the play set. If you have a selling point, capitalize on it with fantastic photography.

Use the most favorable lighting. High noon sunlight is harsh and often highlights exterior problems that even you may not have noticed. When taking exterior pictures, choose lighting that draws attention to the positives. For instance, one of the most beautiful real estate images I’ve ever seen was a home with all the lights on. The sun was almost completely down and served to accentuate the beauty of the home.

Take as many pictures as you need to get the perfect shot. A shot that’s slightly twisted to the side may not seem like something to throw away, but it can distort the appealing lines of a home. Because photos are two dimensional and flat, even the slightest left or right slant can make the home look like it’s looming, falling in or disproportionate.

The ability to use photos to show off your home on the Internet has been a huge boom for those with Portland homes for sale. However, a poor photo can do more damage that having no photos at all.  That is why at Urbanvue we provide professional photography with all of our listing packages.  To make sure your home is positioned in the most advantageous way.