New Demands for Portland Homes for Sale

by | Sep 24, 2012 | Living Urban | 0 comments

A trend is slowly spreading through the nation, starting in cities such as Rockville, Maryland and Sacramento, California.  This trend may bring hope for Portland homes for sale.  These cities are reviving, after seeing years of decline. Why? Because of a shift toward urban-style living.

The trend, if it persists (and many expect it will), is moving towards compact, walkable neighborhoods.  In fact, walkability, as it’s called, is one of the fastest growing demands in real estate. Buyers want the ability to travel around a neighborhood without ever getting in their cars.  Bike paths, walking paths and beautiful, tree-lined sidewalks are some of today’s high selling points.

Take Rockville, for example. A town square was built in Rockville.  As a result, the dying town of Rockville is now a bustling place lined with shops, apartments, restaurants and vibrant street life. The same has happened in Sacramento, where neighbors feel comfortable going over to one another’s house to sit on the porch and chat.

What’s driving this trend? Among other things, it’s green living.  Many home buyers, including buyers of Portland homes for sale, don’t seem to mind paying a little extra for a home that’s close to work with shops within walking distance.

So what’s the lesson in all this? As real estate agents have been warning for a few years now, green is in.  Location, comfort and economical savings are also in. While money was good and spending was easy, we wanted to be far away from the city and the rat race.

Now that money’s tight, however, the Portland homes for sale with convenient, walkable locations, green appliances and economical utilities seem to have the handle on the market.  If you have any of these selling points, make sure you’re marketing them!

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