Why You Need a Realtor Who Has an Eye for Modern Design

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What do you look for when searching to buy your new home? Open spaces, a flexible floorplan for a growing family or comfortable outdoor space? All of that, and more?

Modern home design is a unique blend of these desirable house features that will not only keep it feeling like your home for years to come, but will also help maintain resale value if life demands a change (as it often does). So while you are searching for your new home, you need a reliable realtor who has an eye for modern design, like those at Urbanvue. At Urbanvue we know modern. We also know there’s really nothing worse than working with someone that doesn’t get your vision, but we are passionate about both modern home design and making your home buying process all that much more enjoyable.  

First, what is modern home design?

There are a lot of homes in the MLS that are mis-marketed as modern, so make sure you save yourself some time by understanding what the design is and working with someone who can help you weed out the fakes. Modern home design combines three major characteristics:

1. Clean Lines

Clean lines add to the open feel in an architectural layout. They are not overstated or overbearing, which keeps the house feeling open and welcoming. Clean lines combine well with large glass windows where the windows replace walls that would have traditionally existed.

2. Big Windows

In modern home design, you will find plenty of big windows and abundant natural light. The architecture has been designed to encourage connectedness with nature beyond the glass, so you will also typically find L, T, H or U-shaped floor plans that embrace outdoor space.

3. Minimal Design

Don’t let the word “minimal” deter you; “minimal” just means the design is simple. It is functional and beautiful without being over the top. In modern home design, the layouts will be open and flexible, giving you and your family growing room. A lot of times the rooms won’t be definitive, as in, a bedroom could be a study, or a living room could be a playroom, an architectural decision meant to make the home feel open and spacious.

Home Buyers Want Modern Design Because It’s Timeless

Aside from the occasional outlier, a lot of home buyers are going to have the same basic requirements when looking for a home. But what do modern home buyers truly want?

Modern home buyers are going to need a flexible layout that allows the house to adapt to any changes in their family’s needs over the years.  Open floor plan with minimal design and clean lines never go out of style.  Sure the materials might, but the space is classic and timeless.  Today’s home buyers prefer natural light and bright, open spaces, so the big windows of a modern home that open to outdoor spaces are going to be a major selling point.

Broken down, home buyers want modern design for a forever home, and that means they want:

  • Open floor plans
  • Flexibility
  • Clean lines and simplicity
  • Natural lighting
  • Comfortable outdoor space


Choose a Realtor that Knows Modern Design

Purchasing a home with modern design is going to ensure that you and your family have a home that is going to meet both your current and future needs. Then, if life plans change and you need to sell, you know you have a home with fundamental features that will appeal to potential home buyers. While the resale value of a home constantly fluctuates with the times, modern home design transcends the years by providing a timeless canvas for any individual or family.

So when it comes down to choosing your new home, you want the expertise of a professional realtor that shares your vision. Because Urbanvue specializes in the niche, we are lucky enough to be in the flow of the off-market inventory and buyer demand. For buyers, that means we may know about homes that aren’t currently listed but can meet your needs perfectly. And for sellers, that means we have a whole database of buyers just waiting for a home like yours to hit the market and make the transition as smoothly as possible.

At Urbanvue, we believe your realtor should be there to help you make the right decision when it comes time to buy a house, and if you are looking for one that can truly become a home, be sure to choose a realtor that knows modern home design.