Expert Guide to the Most Walkable Portland Neighborhoods

by | Apr 19, 2016 | Neighborhoods | 0 comments

Although the public transit in Portland makes it easy to get around via buses and trains, there are also plenty of urban areas where locals and visitors can enjoy easy romps that include dining, entertainment, and shopping options.

If you want to explore Portland from the ground up, so to speak, there’s no better way to discover some of the cities many hidden gems than with a walkabout. Here are a few neighborhoods that make walking around easy for you.


Ask anyone and you’ll discover that the Hawthorne district is one of the most popular areas for hip urbanites. With tons of delectable food and drink options and attractions like the Baghdad Theater and a Powell’s Books location, it’s no wonder this has become the premier destination for hippies and hipsters alike in search of a stroll.

Pearl District

Not only is the Pearl District home to upscale Portland lofts, but anyone in search of a fine dining experience can find it here. You don’t have to walk far to find a wide array of food options, from brew-pub fare, to authentic Peruvian tapas, to cool creamery delights.

You’ll also find plenty of art galleries, shopportunities, and other amusements, including the original, massive Powell’s Books.

Alphabet District (Northwest Portland)

This neighborhood, populated by a blend of older architecture (Victorian and Craftsman homes) and newer construction (more affordable Portland condos and lofts) has quickly become one of the heaviest foot-traffic areas of the city thanks to trendy cafes and boutiques.

The population here is undeniably young and single, so whether you’re looking to lock eyes over espresso or bump hips and sip on a sloe gin fizz, this is the place to walk, talk, and meet Portland’s most eligible.

Mt Tabor

Not everyone is looking for near walkable shopping and dining areas. Some are more interested in natural amenities waiting outside their front door. This is especially true for those with canine cohabitants to consider.

Tabor may not show up on lists of Portland neighborhoods that offer urban delights within walking distance, but it certainly has a lot of pet-friendly elements to enjoy. Area namesake Mount Tabor (a volcanic cinder cone) presides over a large park that includes woodlands, trails, and plenty of space for people and pets to play, including an extensive off-leash area.

There is no shortage of areas in and around Portland for those interested in walking from shop to shop, but if living in Portland lofts leaves you and your pooch antsy to get outdoors, Mt Tabor is one neighborhood that delivers easy access to pet-friendly activities.

Photo Credit: Travel Portland