Mid Century Modern Portland Homes Tour

by | Dec 5, 2012 | Living Urban

Mid Century Modern Portland Homes Tour

Every fall the people at the Mid-Century Modern League of Portland put on an amazing tour of homes that pay homage to the modern style of architecture.  The clean lines and forward thinking design is truly remarkable.   A Mid Century Modern Portland Homes is hard to come by, however their popularity is growing rapidly as main stream media and designers utilize this style.

When is The Tour?

The event usually takes place in October and consists of a driving tour to several homes that are open and staged for the event.  The homes are selected by the League from entries that families send in.  It is awesome to see the community embrace the architecture and design and help to educate the next generation.   None of this would be possible without the families who so graciously open their homes for the tour.  This isn’t a marketing like the Street of Dreams or the Ultimate Open House, this is real people opening their homes for the love of modern design.

Where is the Tour?

Each year the tour travels to different locations around Portland.  The MCM League prints maps for the event so attendees know where to go.  The homes can be all over the city from SW to NE Portland.  The maps are sold for a small fee and proceeds go to support a local non profit.  Typically refreshments are served at the tours final home and this is a great time to socialize with others who have a passion for Modern Architecture. Often at the tour you’ll meet architects, designers and builder’s who can answer questions and give ideas for your next home improvement project or new build.

Mid Century Modern League Of Portland 

For more information about the tour and to get exact dates for this years tour visit the Mid Century Modern League Of Portland website.