Marketing Mistakes Sellers Make When Listing Portland Homes for Sale

by | Feb 6, 2020 | Seller Tips

Let’s face it, your home sale starts online.  According to the National Association of Realtors research 93% of home buyers use the internet to find their new home.  And given the attention span of the average human is 8 seconds, your listing has to stand out quickly!  Clearly you want to do everything possible to sell fast and for top dollar.  A well planned marketing strategy can do just that by helping drive showings and generate solid offers. Below are some common mistakes sellers make when positioning their home to grab buyers attention.

  • DIY Photography.  This day in age professional photography for Portland modern homes for sale  is a must! Buyers choose the homes they want to go see based upon how the home is presented online.  And typically they will only look at all 20-30 photos if you capture their attention with the first 3-4.  Make sure you take photos of the major spaces and present the best “money” shots in those first few photos.  A professional can help you highlight the attributes that will draw buyers in.
  • Underestimating the power of video. If a photo speaks a thousand words, video speaks millions.  Not only does video emotionally connect buyers to a space, it allows them to really understand the layout.  A good video adds a premium feel to the listing and the reality is, buyers pay more for a premium experience.
  • Bypassing a social media strategy. You want the most eyeballs you can get on your listing right? Well just relying on the MLS to draw attention to your home is a mistake.  The agent, their brokerage and the seller should collaborate on a social strategy.  Use, organic and paid advertising to drive traffic to a place where the buyer can get more information on the home and you can capture their contact info to follow-up accordingly.
  • The strategy isn’t specific to the features of the home. A good agent with a basic understanding of marketing should be able to help you identify your audience and know who the ideal buyer is for your home.  All of the marketing, from video to ad copy should speak to this avatar by telling your homes unique story and highlighting the right features.
  • Not preparing the home for sale.  Most sellers are very attached to their home and only see it through their perspective and best uses.  An agent can add objectivity by being hard on the home during the preparation walk-thru.  Be careful, because not all agents are created the same and some agents won’t push you to do the things they know you should because they don’t want to inconvenience you.  It is an art and a science to get a home adequately prepped for sale, a really skilled agent has the knowledge and experience to consult with you and make suggestions of what improvements you need to make to bring you the best return at sale.

A holistic marketing strategy is ideal in this new era of home selling.  Buyers looking for Portland homes for sale are educated and move quickly. Be diligent in your preparation and calculated in your execution and you will see great returns for your efforts!

If you are thinking about selling and would like to discuss marketing strategies, please call, text or email me anytime!