Improve Your Curb Appeal with Revamped Garage Doors

by | Sep 14, 2016 | Living Urban | 0 comments

When most people purchase Portland modern homes, their main concern is upgrading the interior to make their living space more stylish and personal. However, the facade of your house and your front yard sends a strong message to neighbors and visitors, setting the tone for their reception.

If you want your home to appear welcoming and attractive, you must put some thought into its curb appeal. This may not necessarily apply to those living in Portland lofts or apartments, but even Portland condos that feature a front entry, a deck, and a garage can receive some updates (you just might want to check in with your HOA first).

You could improve curb appeal simply enough by re-seeding your lawn, painting your front door, adding a new mailbox, and placing a few potted flowers around the entryway. However, don’t forget about the upgrades you can make to your garage doors for maximum effect.

Neglecting this area could negate your other efforts. Here are just a few simple ways revamping your garage doors could increase your overall curb appeal.


If your garage doors are in good working order, there’s no need to spend beaucoup bucks replacing them with newer models. Instead, you might want to repair any cosmetic damages like replacing dented vents or cracked windows.  Slap on a new coat of paint to freshen them up and you’ll see an immediate improvement in your curb appeal.


You’ll need to consider replacing your garage door altogether if you want to upgrade from a manual to an electric door or your current garage door is so damaged that there’s no use in making repairs. The good news is that this gives you almost unlimited potential to install a modern product that not only offers greater functionality, but also more visual appeal.


You’ve decided to upgrade your garage door, but how do you choose the style that’s going to provide the best curb appeal? There are a few factors to consider.

First, your choice should be in keeping with the style and architecture of your own home and other houses in nearby Portland neighborhoods. You don’t want a wacky garage door to make your home the eyesore of the community.

This still leaves you with a lot of options to consider. These days you don’t necessarily have to choose a product that matches the exact style and era of your home. As long as it is complementary it can work, and often you can choose from a variety of materials, colors, and costs to suit your needs.