How to Save Money on Your Portland Home’s Natural Gas Bill

by | Nov 13, 2012 | Living Urban

How to Save Money on Your Portland Home’s Natural Gas Bill

In the Fall, the days start to get noticeably shorter; with winter looming on the horizon, you may be pondering the uptick in your Portland home’s natural gas bill with some dread.  Here are a few tips on how to keep that bill as low as possible, so you can enjoy the coming season in financial comfort.

  • Clear and clean – A yearly inspection of your furnace and boiler can keep them running at peak efficiency. Be sure to clean or replace filters on a regular schedule.
  • Insulate – One of the best ways to save on energy costs is to keep your home well-insulated. It keeps the warm air inside during the winter and the cool air in during the summer.  Consider putting more insulation in the attic and caulk or replace any drafty doors or windows.
  • Use a programmable thermostat – If you keep a regular schedule, you can turn down the heat in your Portland home when you’re at work, and have it automatically warm up just as you are returning home. When you go on vacation, be sure to adjust the programmable thermostat settings.
  • Stay out of hot water – Keep an eye on your hot water usage. A shorter shower with a lower-flow shower head can save you money. Wrap an insulation blanket around the hot water heater to lower your bill even more.
  • Air dry freshness – Avoid that energy-hog gas dryer and line dry your clothes for fresh air goodness.

Small changes can add up to more than pocket change on your Portland home’s natural gas bill.  Conserve and save!

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