How to Buy the Right Deck Stain for Your Portland Home

by | May 9, 2013 | Living Urban

If your Portland home needs a fresh look, one way you can instantly brighten up the appearance of your house is by staining your deck.  There are many different types of wood stain sold at home improvement stores.  You’ll need to keep a few things in mind when choosing wood stain:

  • What kind of wood are you staining?  Different types of stain are made for different kinds of wood.  Some stains are specifically made for pre-treated wood only.  Untreated wood requires special care and specific stain and sealant products.
  • What color deck do you want?  Most stains will look like natural wood when dried.  You can choose from oak to redwood and even cherry woods to match your Portland home.
  • Does the stain weatherproof the deck?  Since the secondary purpose of most stains is to act as a sealant, you’ll need to pick the type that will be most beneficial to your deck.  Some stains protect against ultra-violet rays and others are made to protect against wood rot and mildew.
  • How much stain do you need to buy?  You’ll need to calculate the square footage of your deck to know what quantity of stain to buy.  Check the labeling on the stain.  Some brands require more than one coat for the best results.

After you’ve chosen the stain for your deck, pick up a few supplies to apply the stain:

  • Buy work gloves to keep your hands from becoming discolored by the stain.
  • Most home improvement stores will have paint pans and brushes for sale near the stain.
  • Because stain is very thin, it tends to drip easily.  You may find that a paint pad will apply the stain more efficiently than a paintbrush.

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