How Can You Help Your Portland Real Estate Agent Market Your Home?

by | Oct 16, 2013 | Seller Tips

Who knows your home and your neighborhood better than you do? No one! So help your Portland real estate agent market your property by providing him or her detailed information about your home and your neighborhood.  Wouldn’t it be helpful if your home’s marketing included information like this?

Information to Include

  • A schedule of your home’s maintenance – Provide a list of your home’s maintenance schedule including when you did landscaping, pest control, window washing and furnace inspections. This helps potential buyers feel good about the upkeep and maintenance of the property.
  • A history of renovations and upgrades Buyers want to know what is original to the home and what you’ve added on. Put together a folder that contains the renovations you’ve made, why you chose to do them, any building permits you obtained and the contractors you used.
  • A map of the area marked with schools, parks and points of interest – Think about the different lifestyles of the people who might purchase your home and try to appeal to multiple types.
  • A list of great local establishments – When you’re new to a neighborhood, you never know where to go for good food or affordable dry cleaning. Make buyers feel immediately at home by putting together a list of your favorite local businesses and restaurants.
  • A description of the neighborhood — and make it positive – Highlight how often HOA meetings are held, what cul-de-sac the children play in and which neighbors usually host the annual block party. Reading positive information on the neighborhood will help a buyer build an affinity for your home.

By providing these documents, you’ll help your Portland real estate agent create an identity for your home that will hopefully have an emotional impact on buyers and quickly make them feel at home.

What We Do With The Information

At Urbanvue we package this information into a magazine quality brochure that tells the story of your home and the neighborhood.  If you’re looking for a Portland real estate agent to market and sell your home, please call me at 503-701-3613 or email me at paul(at)urbanvue(dot)com. I’ll show you my proven marketing plan that gets homes sold fast.