Getting Help for Moving Day after Buying Your Portland Home

by | Apr 15, 2013 | Buyer Tips

Getting Help for Moving Day after Buying Your Portland Home

Whew—you’re finished! You’ve signed all the forms and the race is won, you think. Okay, go ahead and sigh that huge gasp of relief that your Portland home is finally yours.

That’s enough. Now, get yourself up and realize the heavy work is about to start. Oh yeah, you have to move all that stuff you’ve managed to accumulate over the past however many years you’ve been alive. Stuff doesn’t ever die; it just continues to follow you around.  So, how do you get it to your new Portland home?  Here are a few ideas to help:

Send out invitations and plan ahead: You would do it for any other big event in your life. Send out invitations to your family and friends and invite them to help you on your big day. Make it fun by incorporating a picnic in your new backyard on the day of the move. It doesn’t have to be a big complicated affair.  Order some Jimmie-John’s Sandwiches or Bellagio pizza’s to be delivered and have plenty of beverages for sweaty, tired helpers.  Make it a real event that everyone can enjoy while laughing about the day’s adventures. Document the progress on social media, so you can incite additional help from people who feel like they are missing out!

Store it:  If you’re like most people, you have plenty of things you rarely use but can’t bear to get rid of. Take advantage of the fact that you’ll be packing all your things, and put those items you never use into boxes and tote them to a storage unit. You get to keep them, at least for now, but they won’t be cluttering up your brand new Portland home.  In six months, if you haven’t missed the items, take the boxes (without opening them) to your favorite donation location.

Safeguard your pets: Moving day is hectic and can be frightening for your pets. Board your cats or dogs for the day. It will be worth the expense to make sure they don’t escape through doors propped open for moving.

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