Furnishing Your Modern Portland Home: 5 Great Local Furniture Stores

by | Feb 22, 2017 | Living Urban | 0 comments

Portlanders are no strangers to the artisan and craftsman culture. Shopping for furniture finds can be quite an experience. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to narrow down your options. Portland furniture includes a wide variety of brand new, vintage, and unique finds.

Here are five great local furniture stores for furnishing your Portland modern home in style.

1. Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Company

There’s a lot more to Schoolhouse than lighting fixtures. Shoppers will also find furniture, housewares, hardware, art, and linens. They will discover pretty much everything needed to outfit chic Portland condos when shopping here.

2. Red Snapper

Not everyone is on the lookout for brand new furniture. Thus, Red Snapper is a great alternative. They sell hand-restored, mid-century modern pieces. These are found in so many Portland neighborhoods. New pieces arrive weekly. They spend Tuesday through Friday in restoration. Red Snapper is open Saturday, Sunday, and Monday to the public.

Their stock can go quickly. Therefore, it’s best to be an early bird. Maybe you’re looking for something in particular. You should return weekly to check in on new stock. Additionally, you can ask for a callback or text message when the pieces you’re seeking come in.

3. Perch

Every home needs seating. Perch aims to deliver with a wide selection of couches, sofas, chairs, and chaises. What makes this store truly special? It is the level of customization available.

You’ll start by picking your preferred style. Next, you’ll select the size and configuration for your space. You can customize your level of comfort. You can even try out floor models to find just the right amount of cushion fill. Then, choose the textiles and colors you want, and add finishing touches. You’ll get one-of-a-kind seating that perfectly fits your space and your style.

4. Rejuvenation

Perhaps you live in a home where opinion is divided. You can’t decide on whether old or new furnishings are best. In that case, head to Rejuvenation. Here, you’ll find a blend of both new and vintage pieces on display. You can locate furniture, housewares, lighting, hardware, and more. They have both modern and antique options. Their items will suit all kinds of Portland modern homes.


Okay, it’s not really a “local” store. Maybe you’re seeking modular, scalable, affordable options for Portland lofts. It’s hard to beat the selection of sleek starter furniture at IKEA. Plus, you can snack on tasty Swedish meatballs. That is after a marathon session of wandering the maze-like store. It’s fun trying to pronounce brand names like Knislinge and Soderhamn.