Five Home Improvements to Help Your Portland Home Sell

by | Dec 3, 2019 | Seller Tips

If you’re thinking about putting your Portland modern home (or any home for that matter) on the market, it is important to make it attractive to as many potential buyers as possible and maximize your return. Not every investment will give you the ROI that you are looking for, so be cautious in the upgrades you invest in.  Here are five improvements to consider that will increase value and maximize your net:

  1. Replace or paint garage doors. If you have an attached two-car garage, it is a very prominent feature of the front of your Portland home. You probably don’t even notice the garage doors anymore, but buyers will. If your garage doors are showing their age, consider painting or even replacing them for a new look.
  2. Replace old windows. If your windows are single pane, this is a must. New double-pane windows will not only look great, they will increase the comfort and energy efficiency of your home significantly and raise your Home Energy Score. In these energy-conscious times, buyers want to be compensated for homes that they have to make significant improvements to.
  3. Refinish hardwood floors. If you’ve got them, hardwood floors are an asset. Get them looking their best before showing them off.
  4. Paint. This is one of the least expensive ways to transform your home, both inside and out. Fresh paint gives the buyer a feeling of newness and helps reduce the thoughts that there is a lot of work to be done to the home.
  5. Update the kitchen. Some of the most attractive features in modern kitchens include:
  • Open shelving in lieu of overhead cabinets.  Immediately buyers are drawn to the designer aspect of the details and equate such qualities to “custom.”
  • Islands typically equal open spaces.  Open concept living is almost standard now and can really ad value to older homes.
  • Standout range hoods are becoming a focal point in fashionable kitchens and usually go hand in hand with the open shelving.

Choosing the right areas for improvement can be tricky.  There is no one size fits all approach and so many elements to be considered. I can help you gauge what projects are the most cost effective options for increasing your homes value to potential buyers at no cost or obligation.