Eco-Friendly Gardening Tips for Modern Homes

by | Mar 2, 2016 | Living Urban | 0 comments

Gardening used to entail keeping your lawn green and manicured and planting all manner of exotic flora, regardless of cost or sustainability. The modern homeowner, however, is generally looking for ways to maintain a beautiful outdoor space without sacrificing money or the environment in the process. If you want to make the most of Portland modern homes by adding curb appeal without increasing your carbon footprint, here are a few eco-friendly gardening tips to consider.

Native Plants

Instead of importing tropical or drought-resistant plants that aren’t right for your environment, look to nature for clues as to what you should plant in your garden. You’re likely to discover all manner of suitable native plants to choose from. Whether you’re looking for food-bearing plants or decorative foliage, native plants are well-suited to the environment, which means they’re likely to flourish without much encouragement and they’ll be easy and inexpensive to procure. Whereas non-native plants can require a lot of care, choke out native species, and generally prove to be a strain on your time and budget, native plants are just the opposite.

Edible Landscaping

More and more Portland neighborhoods are showing signs of sustainability in their gardens thanks to a growing movement in edible landscaping. This is different from traditional vegetable gardens, where rows of carrots and lettuce are neatly arranged and roped off. With edible landscaping, form and function are equally important. Instead of planting merely for consumption, you’re trying to create a beautiful landscape that also happens to provide fresh produce for your table. This means finding aesthetically pleasing ways to arrange your fruit and vegetable plants, as well as herbs and edible flowers. The end result is a gorgeous, modern garden space that actually saves you money and provides a valuable service instead of costing you untold time and resources.

Rooftop Gardens

If you’re interested in purchasing Portland condos, apartments, or lofts, you might not end up with any land to plant your garden. This doesn’t have to stop you from having the greenery and sustainable food source you crave. If you have a deck, for example, you can always try container gardening. However, those relegated to urban settings might also look into the prospect of rooftop gardening. Seek out Portland lofts that provide rooftop space and you may have the option to create a rooftop garden. This is not only a great way to get fresh produce, but it can also help to combat the urban heat island effect.