Creating a Mid-Century Modern Guest Suite

by | Oct 19, 2016 | Living Urban | 0 comments

There is no shortage of mid-century modern homes in Portland, right alongside Victorians, craftsman-style, and Portland modern homes. So it’s not surprising that many residents are embracing the mid-century modern aesthetic when it comes to interior design and decor.

Sleek lines, simple construction, and modern materials dominate this style of design.  There’s no reason not to make your home mid-century modern interior match the architecture in many Portland neighborhoods. That said, you also want to make sure your guest suite is comfortable and inviting.

How can you get the aesthetic you crave while also creating a warm and welcoming environment for guests? Here are a few tips to create the perfect mid-century modern guest suite.

Getting The Foundations Right First

Before you start picking furniture, you should consider the color scheme for your guest suite. In truth, color trends change so often that you might not be very keen on the classic mid-century modern color palette, including shades of mustard, rust, tan, aqua, and olive drab.

If these colors appeal to you, by all means use them.  However, you’ll want to keep in mind that your guest suite should also appeal to modern guests. Black and white was also a big trend in the mid-century modern style.

Next you should think about paint or patterned wallpaper that favors bold, geometric patterns. Hard flooring is preferable, so lean toward wood, tile, or even stained concrete. Then dot the area with rugs featuring suitable colors or geometric patterns.

Adding Modern-Century Fixtures

You don’t necessarily want to accent your space with the modern lighting fixtures that tend to accompany Portland condos.  Frankly, even the retro lighting you might find in chic Portland lofts isn’t likely to fit the profile, either. The good news is that mid-century modern lighting fixtures tend to be very architectural, allowing you to have some fun.

Often characterized by overstated elements such as giant globes, urchin-like arms, and petal-like layers, mid-century modern lights are nothing if not eye-catching. Interestingly, table lamps tend to be less flashy, featuring simple, sleek bases and large, plain shades.

Comfort Driven Mid-Century Furniture

You’re bound to have the most fun picking the furniture for your guest suite.  You’ll want to look for classic, clean lines and low-slung couches, chairs, and bureaus. Luckily, comfort and style go hand-in-hand with mid-century modern design. Even Hans Wegner’s simple, streamlined pieces are designed with comfort in mind.

Integrating Modern Elements

If you want to add modern electronics to your guest suite instead of, say, a ginormous tube television in a cabinet with wickerwork over the speakers, you can certainly mix and match elements. Or you can look for modern flat screen TVs mounted in retro cabinets, like the Seiki SE22FR01 LED TV or the Crosley Retro LED HDTV, both available on Amazon, just for example. Integrating modern elements into your mid-century modern design may be challenging, but with some creative thinking you can design your modern guest suite.