How to Choose the Perfect Modern Kitchen Backsplash

by | Sep 7, 2016 | Living Urban | 0 comments

You don’t need to remodel your entire kitchen, replace countertops or tear up flooring to create a modern kitchen in your home. By installing a new backsplash, you can transform your space with less hassle, inconvenience, and cost.

The only question is: how can you choose the perfect backsplash for Portland modern homes? A good place to start is by looking through design magazines and websites as well as Portland condos, Portland lofts and homes you admire for inspiration.

Before making your final choice, you also want to consider these factors to avoid any design faux pas.

Complement Existing Elements

You might love the look of an ultra-modern, stainless steel backsplash ala commercial kitchens, but that doesn’t mean it suits the style of your craftsman home. This look might be more suitable for converted industrial Portland lofts, just for example.

While your personal style is important, it’s just as critical to consider elements in your home that are already in place. Think about the architecture and materials used for flooring, cabinets, and countertops before you select a backsplash willy-nilly.

You don’t necessarily have to be matchy-matchy and choose backsplash materials that are the same as your flooring or countertop. However, you should make an effort to create a cohesive look by selecting materials that complement your existing kitchen structure and decor.

Color, Pattern, Shine, and Texture

These are the four elements you need to consider when choosing a backsplash and each can help to create a space that is truly unique and individual. You don’t need to incorporate every element, but try different combinations of color, pattern, shine and texture to see what creates the perfect result.

Personal Style

Of course you will want to select materials that complement the existing components in your kitchen and appeal to future buyers. In the meantime, however, you deserve a living space you’re going to enjoy. Don’t get too cerebral about this home upgrade when deciding on a kitchen backsplash. To a certain extent, you should let your emotional connection to styles lead the way.


You don’t have to live in upscale Portland neighborhoods to install high-end finishes in your home, but you will need a suitable budget. In truth, it pays to consider not only the up-front and maintenance costs of any upgrade, but also the potential return. Value plays a role as well, but a carefully planned budget will deliver the best returns overall.

Photo Credit: Home-designing.com