Buying Portland Real Estate – You Did WHAT?

by | Dec 7, 2012 | Buyer Tips

Buying Portland Real Estate – You Did WHAT?

Buying a home used to be celebrated. It was a sign of growing up and “getting somewhere.” Yet, tell someone you bought Portland real estate now days and you might just get wide eyes and a gasped, “You did WHAT?”

If you’re still trying to decide if buying Portland real estate is for you, consider all the reasons why people are still buying homes.

Well, first, you have the reasons that have stood the test of time:

  • Once you buy a house, it’s yours until you decide to sell it.
  • You experience pride of ownership.
  • There’s also a sense of security in owning your own home, which is something missing in renting.

While those traditional reasons are tried, tested and true, there are others:

  • Mortgage rates hit an all-time low, which became a big incentive for some buyers.  Potential buyers looked at the interest rates and figured they could never get a better deal on a mortgage.
  • Home prices are lower too. Yes, the media says home prices may decline more, but the key word is “may.” The experts can predict all they want, but you don’t know for sure until it happens. Some first-time buyers looked at the prices, weighed their decision on “what if the prices start rising again” and signed the deal.

What about you? If you’re looking at the possibility of buying Portland real estate, what would get you to sign on the dotted line? Put your requirements and goals in writing, and make them realistic. When all the cards are right, there’s nothing left to do but play your hand.


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