Buyers Hate Misleading Information about Portland Homes for Sale

by | Jul 19, 2013 | Seller Tips

You’re searching for Portland homes for sale and come across a house that looks like just the right fit. However, when you go to the showing, the fourth bedroom ends up being a glorified closet and the “new” deck was built five years ago. While sellers might fool one buyer into falling in love with their property, these misleading statements will probably infuriate most buyers.

If sellers fudge the figures about their Portland homes for sale, buyers wonder what other shenanigans they’ll try to pull when it comes time to close. So, as a seller, be honest about your property’s features, and you’ll sell it faster and with fewer hassles.

  • Advertise with accurate images. Don’t mislead buyers with skewed photographs of your home or stretched shots. Making the kitchen look longer or the backyard wider just turns your property into a disappointment when house shoppers come to see it in person.
  • Mention the bad along with the good. If your house has any major issues, don’t try to hide them. You’ll just be setting yourself up for failure.
  • Leave the buyer alone. Leave the house during showings, buyers don’t want a personal tour with you highlighting everything YOU like about the house ; that’s why the real estate agent is there.  They want to be able to talk openly among themselves about what they like and what they want to rip out.

Be honest and give buyers room to make their own decisions. When looking at Portland homes for sale, a buyer is more likely to find the right fit and place an offer if all the cards are on the table.

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