Bring Out the Best in Your Portland Home’s Basement

by | Mar 13, 2013 | Living Urban, Seller Tips

Some basements are dark and dingy, while others are bright and beautiful.  Whether you want to start enjoying the extra space your basement offers or you’re preparing to sell your home, here are some options to make the most of your Portland home’s basement.

  1. Think big.  You can transform your Portland home’s basement into a below-ground level, higher-end living space.  You can create a family room, game room, children’s play area or guest bedroom.  This is the option to choose if you’re going to stay in the home for a while and need the extra space.  Do not choose this option if your goal is to solely increase the resale value of your home.  Most major basement renovations  add value, but remember that the square footage value is not as high in the basement as it is on the main floors of the home.  I’d suggest consulting a realtor before making improvements.
  1. Think specialization.  Create a hobby room in your Portland home’s basement.  Whether your hobby is painting, photography, wood working or music, the basement offers a vast unused space to set up shop.  Imagine how easy it would be to set up a dark room in most basements.
  1. Think basic.  You don’t need to hang drywall, put in a ceiling or install flooring to improve the appearance of your basic basement.  Just make it dryer, cleaner and brighter.  Get the damp out by using a dehumidifier.  Make it look cleaner and cozier by painting the concrete floor and whitewashing the walls.  Install higher watt bulbs and add floor lamps, especially in those dark corners, if more light is needed.

If you’re ready to sell your home, whether or not it has a basement, we can help.  Check out more helpful articles on the Portland Real Estate Blog.