Are White Appliances Making a Comeback in Portland Homes?

by | Jun 25, 2013 | Living Urban

Move over stainless steel appliances, white is coming back with a vengeance! After many frustrating attempts to clean fingerprints, hand smudges and doggy-tail brush marks from those stainless steel appliances, owners of Portland homes are starting to ask for white appliances again; only this time in higher quality materials and looks.

According to a recent Consumer Report posted by Daniel DiClerico from the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show in Chicago, stainless steel’s dominance of the large-appliance colors could be waning.  White may be the new shiny gray. Why is white making a comeback? Partially because of the normal shelf-life of trends; they change about every ten years. Here are seven more reasons white appliances are trending:

  1. Best Buy is charging $100 more for the stainless steel version of their top-of-the-line refrigerator than for the white version.
  2. The Sub-Zero fridge that Consumer Reports rated fifth costs $1,500 more for traditional steel versus the normal package.
  3. Glass-fronted white refrigerators are all the rage in Europe, according to Consumer Reports.
  4. Whirlpool has a new Ice Collection line of appliances available in black or white.
  5. White kitchens are consistently popular and a safe choice for those afraid of too much color or afraid of making a fashion faux pas when decorating their Portland homes.
  6. White represents cleanliness and will not clash with other colors.
  7. HGTV and other television carpentry and remodel shows are beginning to put white appliances back in.

No matter what your opinion is on stainless steel versus white appliances, every trend has a lifespan. White will come back around, just as black will eventually, if it ever really left. That’s because black and white are neutral colors that go with anything.

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