How A Big Kitchen Can Help Get Your Portland Home SOLD

by | Oct 10, 2012 | Living Urban, Seller Tips

If your Portland Modern home for sale has a large kitchen and you haven’t marketed this attribute, you might be in luck, thanks to a trend recently taken note of.

With the staggering economy, the national jobless rate is still sitting above 9 %. Lots of young people newly out of college are having problem finding jobs. In reality, the age bracket hardest hit seems to be between 16 and 24. Too, there are a number of people without houses due to property foreclosure. How are Americans weathering the financial fallout? Many are doing so by consolidating multiple generations into one home.

2 Things That May Modify Just how You Market Your Portland Home for Sale

A Pew Research Center study on living conditions and an AP – iVillage survey on dinner habits could alter how you market your house.

The Pew research, based upon information gained from the Census, shows that over 16 % of USA families had numerous generations living together by 2008. Although the results of 2009 and 2010 aren’t in yet, you could presume with sensible surety that this trend continues to rise.

The iVillage survey reveals that over 60 % of households– no matter just how large or little– still consume together. Given, dinner may be include texting, phone calls and TELEVISION, but it’s additionally filled with home cooked meals most of the time.

What does this mean for you and your home?

A bigger household in one home, consuming house prepared meals together, equals the requirement for a bigger kitchen. According to numerous surveys through the years, dinnertime is one custom that’s hung on– regardless of both moms and dads working. Additionally, bear in mind that the cost of eating in restaurants might have lots of even more people eating at home.

Lastly, getting bulk food, which additionally needs larger kitchen areas, is quick becoming an additional trend. According to the Bulk is Green Council, bulk acquiring is just one of the greatest money-saving trends for this year.

The next potential purchaser may just be seeking a big cooking area. If you have one, it could be the top benefit of your residence. Don’t offer it short. Make sure the big kitchen and/or eating location is highlighted in the marketing material for your Portland home for sale. With the above-mentioned trends, huge cooking areas are– well, large!