9 Kitchen Design Trends for your Portland Home

by | Apr 29, 2014 | Living Urban

If you are looking at one place in the home that impacts value of your Portland Home more than any other, it’s the kitchen.  It is the heart of the home where memories are made and meals are prepared.  Have your kitchen stand out as a design feature of the home by implementing one or two of these trends.

  1. Gray is the New White – Gray is not just for wall colors and tile anymore.  Many top cabinet manufacturers are reporting that gray is poised to overtake white as the top-selling color.
  2. New Functionality – Cabinets that open upward instead of side-to-side allow for creative storage for kitchens that are hampered by space.
  3. Classic Black & White Palette –  A timeless look that takes on new form as the trends change, this look is all about high contrast and high style.  I wrote a piece on an awesome new product, Stikwood, that if used correctly will give you that classic pop.
  4. Colorful Sinks – Modern styles have brought red, green and orange sinks among others.  This bold color pop can make or break a kitchen design, so be careful with this one and use it as way to accent an otherwise neutral kitchen.
  5. Bold Lighting Fixtures –  Color is not the only way to add drama to a kitchen, over-sized and and unique lighting can accomplish this result as well.  This is a more temporary update that can be implemented more easily than some of the others on the list.
  6. Mirrored & Glass Tile Mosaic  –  Used in back-splashes and accents, this contemporary use of tile is elegant and bold and is best used with a mix of the other items on this list.
  7. Multi-tiered Drawers – When space is an issue, this drawer system is vital.  We have come a long way with engineering how to utilize space, and when we talk about the nick-nacks associated with the kitchen organization is key.  This will revolutionize how kitchens function.
  8. Sensor Activated Faucets – If you have children, you know how awesome this feature is.  Run your hand under the faucet and it turns on.  No mess on the counters and no spreading of germs.  Enough said.
  9. New Counter-top Materials  –  Quartz is quickly replacing granite as the leader in slab counter-top solutions because of its strength and durability.  But there are also many green solutions, made from recycled materials, that are gaining momentum.

Is Resale Important When Designing a Kitchen?

The biggest mistake I see homeowners make when updating their kitchen, is to not consider resale.  It is okay to design your kitchen to your taste, after all it’s your home, however it’s a good idea to consult a real estate agent or interior designer before spending the money.  Get a second opinion, or understand that you may need to change some things prior to sale.   But the home is the center of your life, so don’t get too caught in the numbers.  Design to enjoy and live!