7 Best Gyms In Portland Oregon

by | Oct 14, 2014 | Living Urban

If you are an active person like many Portlander’s are, than a gym is a huge part of your lifestyle.  It represents more than just the four walls that house the equipment that you use for physical fitness.  It becomes a place where you connect with the community, network, make lasting friendships and do life with people.  It becomes a hub for your life.   The best gyms in Portland Oregon are part of the foundation of any good neighborhood and are vital to any Portland modern home search.  They sit right at the top of determining factors for choosing a place to live along with schools, favorite restaurants, a grocery store and commute to work.

Best Portland Climbing Gym

When compiling a list of the best gyms in Portland Oregon, a climbing gym has to be considered for many reasons but mostly because of the family friendliness.  All ages can enjoy the climbing walls and the fun and low impact exercise that goes along with it.  These gyms are a great way to get out and do something active with the family during the Portland rainy season.  Our favorite is the Portland Rock Gym located at21 NE 12th Ave, Portland, OR 97214 in the Buckman neighborhood.  It is the largest climbing gym in Portland and offers classes, guide services, rentals and youth programs.

Best Portland Yoga

Yoga is a favorite for people that enjoy the low impact nature and mind centering quality it brings to fitness.  Even though yoga is practiced in studios traditionally rather than gyms, it still felt like a good fit for our list.  Yoga Pearl is located at 925 NW Davis St, Portland, OR 97209 in the heart of the Pearl District.  It is known as an oasis in the city that provides yoga and palates classes along with a holistic wellness center and  health food bar.  The atmosphere is sophisticated and chic.

Best Gyms in Portland Oregon For Personal Training

Some People need that extra help getting motivated to do their workouts which is totally great!  Its like having a coach that can push you and monitor your technique to make sure you reach your goals.  As with anything in life, training makes you better.  If this is you than Fulcrum Fitness seams like a great fit.  They specialize in boot camps and personal training.  It is located at 3934 NE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Portland, OR 97212 in the Sabin Neighborhood.  They try to provide a fun and effective atmosphere for working out.

Best Portland Boxing Club

Boxing gyms have been around for a long time and training at them is intense.  Its not all about fighting, its about speed, agility, stamina and well getting out your aggressions out on a large stuffed bag.  For a boxing gym Portland that specializes in fitness workouts and training, check out Portland City Boxing.  It is located in Downtown Portland at 619 SW 11th Ave, Portland, OR 97205.  They offer one on one training and classes for beginners to experts.

Best Portland Crossfit 

What would a list of the best gyms in Portland Oregon be without a nod to the cross fitters who are into intense competition fitness?  Cross fit is all the rage right now and gyms are popping up all over town.  However our favorite has to be Crossfit Portland.  Located at 418 NE 8th Ave, Portland, OR 97232 it is centrally located to both downtown and the Inner Eastside.  They offer classes for all skill levels.

Best Portland Team Fitness

Portland Team Fitness is a training studio that has a commitment to help people find inner strength and go after their dreams.  They offer classes that are small and intimate and allow for unrivaled accountability and support.  This gym is founded on the principals that I find so important in life, if you help others reach their goals, you are destined to reach your own.  The workouts are a lot lower impact than you might find at cross-fit, however the intensity is just as high.  Portland Team Fitness is located at 3311 NE Martin Luther King Junior Blvd #103, Portland, OR 97212 in the Irvington Neighborhood.

Best Boutique Gym 

We love the local little guys when it comes to businesses and that is why we we’ve featured all local gyms with this list.  But sometimes local isn’t small enough, you want a quaint small batch, neighborhood style gym.  Well that is exactly what The Refinery is.  Its is an ultra-hip take on fitness.  The space is modern and chic and so the atmosphere is illuminating.  Beyond the aesthetic, the groups are small and the training is top notch.  The Refinery is located in the Beaumont-Wilshire neighborhood at 4803 Northeast Fremont Portland, OR 97213.

Portland is full of amazing local gyms that can enhance your life, where is your favorite?