5 Ways to Add More Space to Your Portland Home

by | May 3, 2017 | Living Urban | 0 comments

Your small Portland home is not cutting the mustard when it comes to usable space. Thus, you’ll have to roll up your sleeves and work on making it more spacious.

Here are a few strategies to put into play.

1. Pare Down

Sometimes adding space simply means making the most of every square foot Portland condos have to offer. Undertaking a clean sweep to clear clutter could give you a lot more space to work with. Don’t forget to address bulky furnishings, as well. They can take up a lot of real estate in a tiny floor plan. They will make your space feel cramped.

2. Double Up

Portland lofts might not offer the separation of space you need to differentiate between personal areas (like a bedroom) and entertaining areas. What can you do to add space? Double up with convertible furniture or faux separations.

For example, you could erect a short, free-standing wall in the middle of the room. Have your bed on one side and your couch on the other. This will delineate space without necessarily putting in studs and drywall. Do you want to preserve the flow of natural light? Use frosted Plexiglas panels.

You can also use ottomans for storage. Additionally, you should purchase other convertible furniture that performs double-duty on function.

3. Utilize Neglected Space

Many people forget that there is a lot of usable space overhead. Do not place bookshelves on the floor. Instead, install shelves at eye level and above. They can house your books, media, and even stylish bins. They will hide extra clothing, linens, cookware, and so on.

4. Convert the Garage

Maybe you’ve pared down as much as possible and you can’t build an addition. In that case, consider converting your garage into an extra bedroom or other living space. Do this by adding insulation, drywall, and HVAC. Be sure to consult with a contractor for any necessary building permits. You need to ensure it’s up to code.

5. Add Square Footage

It’s true that Portland neighborhoods have strict regulations regarding building upward. However, you could turn an attic into usable space by adding dormers, for example. That way, you won’t necessarily have to add height to your home.

Additionally, you might be able to expand outward. Not all Portland modern homes have a lot of land to work with. Thus, you need more space for your family. Perhaps upgrading to a larger property just isn’t in the cards. Adding square footage through expansion into a yard area could be the best solution.

Photo Credit: HomeDSGN