5 Things You Should Know When Relocating to Portland

by | Feb 3, 2016 | Living Urban | 0 comments

If you’ve seen Portlandia, you may have some preconceived notions about this Pacific Northwest bridgetown. The truth is that Portland happens to enjoy a diverse population of creative, outdoorsy, food-loving folks, many of whom are concerned about keeping the environment beautiful, behaving in a responsible and sustainable manner, and enjoying life.

If this sounds like a modern mecca, then relocating to Portland should definitely be a consideration for you. Still, there are a few things you should know before you pick up stakes and start perusing a Portland neighborhood hunt. Here are some tips that will make your transition easier.

1. It’s Wet

This is not news to most people, but you should know that the average rainfall in Portland is 42 inches per year. This doesn’t sound like a huge amount until you compare it to, say, Los Angeles, which averages about 15 inches per year. The average for the U.S. is 37 inches annually. You get the idea. Before relocating to Portland, buy yourself some galoshes and an umbrella. And when you’re looking at Portland modern homes, make sure your inspector checks for mold.

2. Expect a Small Town Feel

At last count, the population of Portland was just over 600,000, and it continues to grow thanks to an ongoing influx of young professionals. Despite this, the city maintains the feel of a small town, thanks to neighborhood microcosms and a customer service mentality that means shop owners know the names of patrons. In many ways, Portland offers all the appeal of a small town paired with the benefits of living in a major metropolitan area.

3. Mass Transit is Amazing

The Portland public transportation system is one of the best around thanks to myriad buses and trains with routes that extend all over the city. The transit is not only safe, clean, and used by virtually everyone, but you can use a slew of apps to purchase tickets online, check routes, and track public transit in real time so you always know how long you have to get from Portland lofts to the nearest pickup point. If you’re not keen to wait, you should know that Uber has a strong following in Portland, so you can simply dial a ride at any hour.

4. Portland Likes Pets

This is a dog-friendly city if there ever was one, and there are plenty of places that offer canine accommodations (patios where you can eat with your pets, pet-friendly hotels, etc.). Dog parks also abound, and you’re sure to have plenty of neighbors that are tolerant of your pooch, even if you’re looking to live in Portland condos or apartments.

5. Development is on the Rise

Now is a great time to make the move to Portland. With both the economy and the housing market in full recovery mode, jobs are on the rise and construction has resumed. This has created a booming real estate market keen to meet the needs of newcomers. Whether you’re interested in the craftsman-style favorites that populate the city, the tiny house movement has piqued your interest, or condo living is more your speed, you can find what you want when relocating to Portland, Oregon.