5 Reasons Portland Is Consistently Named a Top American City to Live

by | Jul 13, 2016 | Living Urban | 0 comments

Portland may be best known for abundant rainfall and a certain TV show about the wacky subculture that exists there, but the truth is that this little city in the Pacific Northwest is consistently rated as one of the top places in the U.S. to call home. There are plenty of reasons why.

If you’re thinking of moving to Portland but you’re not sure what you stand to gain in the process, here are just a few major benefits residents enjoy.

1. Livable Wages

According to the Department of Numbers, the median income in Portland as of 2014 was just over $60,000, as compared to a median income of just over $51,000 for the state of Oregon and nearly $54,000 for the U.S. When held up against the average cost of living in Portland, the numbers explain why so many people love to live there.

2. Affordable Housing Options

Although homes in the most desirable Portland neighborhoods can set you back a pretty penny, there are affordable housing options in and around Portland for those willing to try something different. In addition to traditional Portland condos and houses, those interested in minimalist living will enjoy new trends like Portland lofts, micro apartments, and tiny homes.

Buying the craftsman and Victorian houses in upscale Portland neighborhoods can still be pricy, but if you’re willing to seek creative living situations in outlying, up-and-coming locales in and around the city, you can still find a great home at an affordable price, especially with the building boom currently underway.

3. Foodie Culture

You can hardly throw a stone in Portland without hitting a restaurant that delivers a life-altering culinary experience. People in Portland love good food.

You’ll also find that alternative diets are strongly supported. Vegetarians, vegans, and those on paleo, macrobiotic, raw food, and other diets can all find abundant options when dining out.

Don’t forget the mixology revolution occurring in Portland, either. For those that love the nightlife and sampling spirits, plenty of restaurants either have bars or convert to bars in the evening.

4. Public Transportation

It’s difficult to say whether or not there is a city more committed to reducing pollution than Portland. You’ll certainly find a huge culture of cyclists to join if you’re going for a zero-emissions lifestyle.

However, the public transit may be a better choice to keep the rain off your head. With a system of buses and trains that move you around the city with very little wait time, as well as a handy app to help you get around and show you where buses are on their routes, you’ll find that you hardly need a car to traverse Portland.

5. Outdoor Living

While there’s no getting around the rain, you’ll certainly enjoy the lush greenery outside Portland modern homes on days when the sun is shining. Hiking, biking, and all manner of outdoor activities await.