5 Reasons to Buy a Newly Constructed Portland Home

by | Feb 21, 2014 | Buyer Tips

A brand new Portland home is better than a used home, isn’t it? For most people, that’s a matter of preference.  If you’re unsure which you prefer, consider these five reasons to buy a newly constructed home:

  • You want to pick out everything: Do you want granite or quartz counter-tops? Perhaps you’d like a skylight in your family room or a fireplace in your master bedroom.  You get to choose all the fixtures, flooring and faucets. Plan to spend a lot of time making these choices and probably some additional money for upgrades.
  • You want a Portland home that comes with high-tech and energy-efficient features: You’ll save energy and money with low-flow toilets and shower heads, energy-efficient appliances and higher-efficiency HVAC, doors and windows.  New homes are able to handle today’s hottest electrical components and gadgets.
  • You want a home that no one else has ever lived in: This is one of the American dreams. Our culture is built around having to own the newest and best.  There’s also no wear and tear on the home.
  • You want a planned community. A well-planned community offers a variety of housing choices, plus recreation and other amenities. For many, it’s the perfect choice for today’s busy lifestyles.
  • You want a new home warranty.  Most new homes come with a builder’s warranty which covers “house settling” problems and defects.  So if your roof starts leaking or the furnace breaks during the warranty period, your builder will pick up the tab for the repair.

Whether you’ve decided buying a pre-owned or new Portland home is right for you, I can help.  

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