5 New Year's Resolutions for Portland Homeowners

by | Dec 28, 2016 | Living Urban | 0 comments

As a Portland homeowner, you took time perusing the best Portland neighborhoods to find the home of your dreams. Now you have an opportunity to improve your property to increase your enjoyment and the value of your investment.

With a new year right around the corner, you are sure to start thinking about your New Year’s resolutions. After you resolve to lose the weight you put on over the holidays, you might want to consider the best ways to protect and improve your property in the coming year. Here are a few New Year’s resolutions that every Portland homeowner can get behind.

1. Set up a Maintenance Schedule

Portland modern homes may not require the same level of maintenance as older properties. Proper maintenance is essential to keeping your home beautiful and avoiding major expense down the line. First of all, set up an annual maintenance schedule that includes HVAC inspection, flushing the water heater, gutter cleaning, roof repair, etc.. Additionally, you can avoid serious problems, attendant expenses, and keep your property pristine. Eventually, you will have to undertake repair and replacement, but maintenance increases every part of your home’s longevity.

2. Plan a Major Project

If last year’s resolution to start building a nest egg has paid off, perhaps it is time to plan a renovation project. It is designed to modernize your home, raise the property value and increase convenience and enjoyment of your house. Portland lofts do not upgrade themselves. If you want to increase value, planning the right remodel can boost your return on investment.

3. Go Green

Portland is a pretty eco-friendly city, thanks to a population that values social and environmental consciousness. Therefore, as a homeowner, you can do a lot in the coming year to conserve water and energy around the house.

Think about simple, inexpensive changes like installing aerated faucets or switching to LED lighting if you have not already. In addition, go the extra mile by upgrading to energy-efficient appliances. You can even go all out by installing a residential wind turbine or a gray water system. Think about what makes sense for your home.

4. Understand your Homeowner’s Insurance

It is surprising how many homeowners lack an understanding of what their insurance policy covers. Therefore, unexpected issues like plumbing leaks, rogue tree branches through the window, or slip-and-fall accidents on slick walkways can occur at any time. It’s best to know what your coverage, and whether you may want to increase it.

5. Follow the Market

Finally, Portland condos and homes remain in high demand, and this could prompt you to list your property and upgrade sooner than intended. Keep an eye on the market this year so you have every opportunity to strike while the iron is hot and make the most of your property purchase.