5 Negotiation Tips When Relocating for Your Job

by | Oct 24, 2012 | Buyer Tips

In today’s economy, many people are relocating to better their career path. While you may be excited about your new job, moving can be an expensive proposition. You’ll need to sell your current home, buy a modern home in Portland and move all of your possessions.

All of those things can potentially be expensive headaches. Fortunately, many employers will help defray the cost of your move … IF you ask. Even if they don’t lend financial support, you may be able to negotiate a smooth transition in other ways. Here are five tips to help you when considering relocating for your career:

  1. Negotiate a relocation allowance. Ask about a relocation allowance during the interview. Some companies will already have a set relocation package. Those that don’t are often willing to work it into your new salary.
  2. Ask for a flexible start date. If you need to sell your home in Portland, try to negotiate a more flexible start date. You don’t want to be stuck trying to sell a home hundreds of miles away while you’re adjusting to your new work environment. An extra week or two may make all the difference in starting over in your new city.
  3. Get it in writing. If they offer you relocation benefits, make sure it’s in writing in your final contract.
  4. Do your research. You need to ensure your new job is worth the move. Your salary needs to be enough to cover the cost of living in your new city. The price of homes, education expenses and other day-to-day costs can vary widely in different areas.
  5. Find out about a cost-of-living adjustment. If you’re moving to take a new job within the same company, ask if they offer any cost-of-living adjustments to your salary. What seems like a great opportunity may not actually be one if it involves moving to a more expensive city without any additional compensation.