4 Tips for Buying a Portland Home as Property Virgins

by | Oct 15, 2012 | Buyer Tips

If you’re looking for a Portland modern home for sale and you’ve never bought a home before, you might think, “This won’t take much time.” Typically, just the opposite is true.   Buying a home frequently takes quite a bit of time.

Of course, the whole home buying process will go much faster (and smoother) if you do things the right way. If you’re a property virgin looking for a Portland home, take some lessons from the pros. The following tips will help make the buying process run smoothly:

  1. Weigh the BenefitsBefore you actually go house hunting, weigh the pros and cons of buying a home. Can you really afford it? Is it a good idea, or are you caving under pressure from family, friends, your doctor and the next-door neighbor?

Make sure that you’ve actually considered the alternatives and decided home ownership is the best move for you. In my experience, home buyers who are sure they’re ready to buy not only enjoy the process more, but also are more likely to enjoy the home they buy.

  1. Define What You’re Looking ForBefore you walk out the door to look at homes, figure out your goals. How do you do this? Begin on the internet.  Between virtual home tours, online listings, photographs and aerial shots, you’ll be able to build a much stronger idea of the type of home and neighborhood in which you want to live and can afford.

Once you go through this process, you’ll have clearly defined goals you can then pass on to the buyer’s agent you hire. You are now halfway to home ownership!

  1. Lay Off the SugarBefore going to look at houses, lay off the sugars. Research shows sugar can inhibit your short-term memory. You want to be able to remember the homes you’ve seen.  Although if you work with URBANVUE, we provide a custom platform for note taking help streamline the home finding process.

Having said that, your agent probably won’t show you 15 or 20 homes in a day. At the most, you might see 5 or 6. You see, a good agent pays attention to the goals you told him or her on the first day. The only homes you need to see are those that fit your goals.

  1. See Your Favorites Before BuyingOkay, you’ve looked at 14 homes, and you’re torn between houses 2, 5 and 6. Since you’re only buying one house, you want to make sure you get the home you want. Therefore, before signing or making any kind of commitment, look over the ones you like the most again. You’ll see things you may have missed before, which will help narrow the choice down to one.

Buying a Portland home is one of the biggest steps you’ll ever take. It’s a big investment, and the process can be time consuming. However, following the above steps can make owning the home of your dreams less of a hassle and more of a dream come true!