3 Ways You Can Experience Urban Living

by | Mar 12, 2018 | Living Urban | 0 comments

Urban living, despite its name, is a lot more complex than just living in a city. It encompasses an entire lifestyle, in addition to where you choose to plant your roots. So you could live in a city or even out in the middle of the country surrounded by nothing more than nature and still be living this same lifestyle. That’s why when you’re looking to experience urban living, there are actually quite a number of places you can go, and many different ways you can achieve this lifestyle. Here are the top three ways you can experience urban living:

1. Think About the Environment

Urban living has very few constraints. Anyone of any background no matter their preferences or walk of life can choose to experience urban living, but this community tends to have one major thing in common: they think about the environment, in more ways than one. You will find that urban living involves leaving a faint carbon footprint on the world. People living this lifestyle are going “green” and recycle or find other ways to care for the environment, including living in homes, condos and other dwellings made of prefabricated recycled materials. Some cities are joining in by refurbishing old office buildings and transforming them into apartment buildings, a decision that also helps to use space optimally without wasting space or resources.

2. Choose a Modern Home Design

These refurbished buildings tend to have urban interior design as well as open, modern floor plans. The idea is to use the space you have as functionally as possible, so rooms will typically have multiple uses and spaces will feel open with a lot of big glass windows for natural lighting. The inspiration for these designs comes from actual urban, city living, where you are pretty much forced to make good use of as little space as possible. You will find these open floor plans combine natural lighting with clean lines, flexibility and simplicity for a complete package that feels modern while inviting you to connect with the natural world that lies just outside those windows.

3. Minimalize the Space

Since the space is limited, a major part of urban living is learning how to minimalize the space. Same concept as with the floor plan and furniture, everything needs to have a purpose, and being multi-functional is even better. When you are experiencing urban living, you will have a home that is clean, crisp and fresh, with basic necessities and little beyond that. This keeps your body and mind more relaxed and stress- free from the usual clutter that has a habit of piling up from simple daily life. Minimalizing your life is a great way you can experience this type of living no matter where you are.

How do you define your urban experience?

When it comes down to it, urban living as an experience is very dynamic. We live in a world of change and urban life tends to follow suit. As new methods of “green” living are introduced the urban population will steadily begin to adopt them into their way of life, so choosing a new home that combines the steady aspects of urban living, such as large glass windows and modern floor plans, is a great way to get on board without falling behind the times. As things shift and change, you can adopt new technologies and features into your home. For some examples, think about automated LED lighting that you can now control directly from your smartphone, or energy efficient appliances. Not only will this keep you comfortable in your home and in day-to-day life, but it will also ensure that your home remains desirable in an ever-fluctuating market.