Modern Homes Portland

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Modern Homes Portland

Portland Modern Homes break away from typical design and traditional aesthetics.  Modern architects and builders strive to create home designs that go beyond “standard” ideas and instead pursue designs inspired by layout, function and flow.

Homeowners with an appreciation for Modern aesthetic believe strongly in the mantra of “Less is More”!  Modern tastes enjoy simple elements and clean lines.  Modern homes Portland can be found in many sub-categories including Contemporary, Mid-Century Modern, Classic Modern, Farmhouse Modern, Industrial Modern and Rustic Modern.  In an effort to bring simplicity to your search below you will find all of the Portland Modern Homes for sale currently on the market.

Modern Homes in Portland

Modern real estate design can encompass anything from a mid-century condo to a rustic modern loft. Yet despite their diversity, there are many features Portland modern homes, lofts and condos have in common. What unites them and distinguishes them from different architectural traditions is the guiding assumption that form should follow function.

What is Modern Design?

Modern architects and designers tend to express themselves using simplicity of design, clear views of structural elements and avoiding superfluous design details. In contrast to many styles, modern designs feature the structure and materials used in the building prominently. Modern design tends to emphasize the use of wood, steel and glass.

Elements of Modern Design

  • Uniqueness – Not every property can be fully unique. Yet many modern homes Portland, have a deeply idiosyncratic approach. The emphasis on simplicity directs attention to design elements. Many modern homes make use of angular roofs, vaulted ceilings or striking linear design to create distinctive designs.
  • Warmth – Although some critics would have you believe that modern design is all cold glass and steel, this is far from the truth. Many modern designs use natural elements that are warm and welcoming, such as beam ceilings or large, stone fireplaces. Some make use of warm woods such as pine and oak. Lastly, modern designs also tend to use fewer walls, which helps to create a more homely living space.
  • Limited Palette – Modern designs often have a relatively limited color palette. Many modern architects and designers feel that attention-grabbing use of color detracts from the sense of consistency in the design. This is in line with the design philosophy of simplicity and emphasis on the form of the house itself.

Buying or Selling Modern Homes Portland

Portland boasts a very wide selection of exquisite modern homes that can satisfy any taste. Some of the more common styles include contemporary, classic modern, farmhouse modern, rustic modern, industrial modern and mid-century modern. Urbanvue specializes in helping clients to buy and sell modern homes in Portland and the surrounding areas.

Modern Homes Portland

How We Help Buyers

Urbanvue provides clients looking to buy a modern home Portland with unparalleled expertise and support. Our in-depth local knowledge means that, whether you need to know about schools or spin classes, we have the knowledge you need.

Real estate contracts are becoming much more complex. Urbanvue has a great deal of experience helping clients through the legal intricacies of the home buying process. We work hard to ensure that contracts contain as little risk as possible and help you to reach your objectives.

We have a suite of streamlined systems, including a paperless transaction hub, that facilitates every part of the home buying process.

Urbanvue also has a deep professional network of experts that support our clients. We can connect you with trusted advisers on any subject, from boilers to Airbnb.

Urbanvue puts a premium on your satisfaction. We provide personalized service and advice every step of the way. Our website provides the simplest way to search for modern homes for sale in Portland. If you work with us directly, we present you with as many options as you need, provide clear explanations about how the process works and connect you with trusted experts who can give specialized advice. Give our friendly staff a call today to see if we can help find the right modern home for you.

How We Help Sellers

Urbanvue works with clients looking to sell modern homes Portland to ensure they receive the highest price for the house.

Our marketing services are second to none. Urbanvue’s listings enjoy very high rankings on search engines for keywords related to modern homes in Portland. We also have a great deal of visibility through social media communities focused on modern homes.

Urbanvue has deep knowledge of niche markets that helps us to present any modern home, condo or loft in the best possible light. As part of our process, we also advise you as to any changes you might wish to make in order to get the best price possible for your property.

We have a very large network of trusted realtors throughout the country who focus on modern architecture. Many of our buyers are looking to relocate, and come to us initially through our contacts.

Urbanvue has a particular focus on unique and distinctive properties. We see our work in terms of telling the story of your home. This helps us to market more effectively for our clients, with a direct benefit to your bottom line.

Urbanvue puts your satisfaction first. In contrast to some ‘big’ brokerages, we provide a highly personalized service that gives you as much information and support as you want at every stage of the process. Our team’s expertise in selling modern homes Portland is unmatched. Our friendly staff are always eager to hear from new sellers. Give us a call today to see if we can help you sell your modern home for the best price possible.


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