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October 24,2013 | By Paul Johnson | Seller Tips

How to Get Great Offers on Your Portland Home. Let the Bidding Wars Begin!

If you are considering selling your Portland home, you may be dreaming of the magic sale.  In this scenario, before the house is even on the market, someone knocks on the door and offers twice the asking price in cash, … Read More

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October 16,2013 | By Paul Johnson | Seller Tips

How Can You Help Your Portland Real Estate Agent Market Your Home?

Who knows your home and your neighborhood better than you do? No one! So help your Portland real estate agent market your property by providing him or her detailed information about your home and your neighborhood.  Wouldn’t it be helpful … Read More

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Portland Sellers Mistakes September 27,2013 | By Paul Johnson | Seller Tips

Emotional Mistakes Portland Home Sellers Make

More than likely, you’ve cooked dinners, you’ve hosted family and friends and you’ve made thousands of memories within the personally decorated walls of your home — and now you think you’re ready to move on. No matter the reason for … Read More

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Portland Real Estate Agent, Door Handle September 24,2013 | By Paul Johnson | Seller Tips

Think Like a Portland Real Estate Agent

Before you put your home on the market, you want to make certain that it’s in tip-top condition to ensure a quick sale. The key to listing your home at a competitive price and guaranteeing you have what buyers are … Read More

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Curb Appeal Portland Home September 20,2013 | By Paul Johnson | Seller Tips

Up the Curb Appeal of Your Portland Home before the Weather Turns Cold

Before buyers ever set foot inside a Portland home, the very first thing they notice is its curb appeal. As autumn approaches and plants start to die, it becomes harder to keep your yard looking fresh. Take advantage of this … Read More

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September 9,2013 | By Paul Johnson | Seller Tips

Fix the Doors in Your Portland Home – Pre Listing Must Do!

Fix the Doors in Your Portland Home – Pre Listing Must Do! Wouldn’t it be nice if all the doors in your Portland home swung freely and quietly and closed with a neat “click,” just the way they should? Maybe … Read More

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July 19,2013 | By Paul Johnson | Seller Tips

Buyers Hate Misleading Information about Portland Homes for Sale

You’re searching for Portland homes for sale and come across a house that looks like just the right fit. However, when you go to the showing, the fourth bedroom ends up being a glorified closet and the “new” deck was … Read More

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Selling your Portland Home with kids June 26,2013 | By Paul Johnson | Seller Tips

Kids Can Help Sell Your Portland Home During Their Summer Break

The idea of selling a Portland home is daunting enough without having to worry about your children running amok and constantly creating clutter. It might sound like an impossible feat, but selling your house while your kids are on summer … Read More

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