August 24,2016 | By Paul Johnson | Neighborhoods

Portland Neighborhoods With Great Running Trails

Although Portland is home to a large population of outdoorsy folks, Portland neighborhoods in and around the city center are not terribly accommodating when it comes to running trails. While the city offers up stellar mass transit and bike-friendly throughways, … Read More

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Walkable Portland Neighborhoods April 19,2016 | By Paul Johnson | Neighborhoods

Expert Guide to the Most Walkable Portland Neighborhoods

Although the public transit in Portland makes it easy to get around via buses and trains, there are also plenty of urban areas where locals and visitors can enjoy easy romps that include dining, entertainment, and shopping options. If you … Read More

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Portland Neighborhoods for foodies February 18,2016 | By Paul Johnson | Neighborhoods

3 Top Portland Neighborhoods for Foodies

Anyone who knows Portland knows that the city is basically designed for foodies (except maybe the west side), with culinary delights to tempt any palette, and specialized diets are well represented. If you’re a vegetarian or vegan, you’re into fermented … Read More

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best neighborhoods in portland for dining January 7,2015 | By Paul Johnson | Neighborhoods

Best Neighborhoods In Portland For Dining 2014

Every Year Eater PDX gathers questions some of the areas top foodies about the years best in Portland dining. Since at Urbanvue we value a lifestyle approach to finding the neighborhood that is right for you, we thought we would … Read More

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Cheap Eats Portland January 28,2014 | By Paul Johnson | Living Urban,Neighborhoods

Cheap Eats Portland – Best Places In Portland To Eat On A Budget

As a family we LOVE to eat.  I mean it doesn’t matter what kind of food it is, we eat it (My kids included).  In-fact, our holidays and vacations usually revolve around “where are we going to eat.”  And I’ll … Read More

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July 27,2012 | By Paul Johnson | Neighborhoods

VIDEO: Finding Portland

Part 2 of a Must See video series.  Re-locators will enjoy this offering.  It totally shows off our amazing city and all of the highlighted features.  Be careful!  You might never want to leave!

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