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contemporary portland lofts November 30,2016 | By Paul Johnson | Modern Homes

3 Smart Home Products Your Contemporary Portland Lofts Need

Many Portland neighborhoods feature the old Vics and brick buildings the city is known for, as well as plenty of craftsman style homes. However, with so many young professionals flocking to Stumptown, it’s only natural that new housing would start … Read More

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modern backsplash September 7,2016 | By Paul Johnson | Modern Homes

How to Choose the Perfect Modern Kitchen Backsplash

You don’t need to remodel your entire kitchen, replace countertops or tear up flooring to create a modern kitchen in your home. By installing a new backsplash, you can transform your space with less hassle, inconvenience, and cost. The only question is: how can … Read More

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Smart Kitchen Appliances August 3,2016 | By Paul Johnson | Modern Homes

Is It Worth It to Upgrade to Smart Kitchen Appliances?

Everyone needs a refrigerator and stove to prepare meals at home, and most people enjoy the convenience that other kitchen appliances like microwaves and dishwashers lend to Portland modern homes. What you may not appreciate as much are the price … Read More

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modern portland loft March 31,2016 | By Paul Johnson | Modern Homes

Tips on Renovating the Master Bathroom in Your Modern Portland Loft

As home renovations go, the projects that are most likely to show return on investment are the kitchen and the bathrooms. If you also want to get the most enjoyment out of upgrades, remodeling the master bath is a good … Read More

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relocating to portland January 20,2016 | By Paul Johnson | Modern Homes

Trends in Modern Floor Plans

The older homes that Portland neighborhoods are famed for often feature the floor plans popular when they were built. Which is to say, small, separated living spaces. The open floor plans that have become more desirable over the last several … Read More

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mother-in-law apartments January 6,2016 | By Paul Johnson | Modern Homes

The Rise in “Mother-in-Law” Apartments Around Portland

The recession brought many changes in the housing market. From a lender perspective, the practice of handing out mortgage loans to unsuitable candidates has virtually ended, although it is once again becoming easier for would-be homeowners to secure the loans … Read More

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Modernist Design December 22,2015 | By Paul Johnson | Home Decor,Modern Homes

Transforming Classic Home Styles With a Modernist Design

Many of America’s most beautiful cities feature homes from bygone eras. While these architectural gems certainly hark back to a time when craftsmanship was of the highest order, modern homeowners face a dilemma when purchasing them. Are they willing to … Read More

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Portland Modern Home December 18,2015 | By Paul Johnson | Modern Homes

Portland Modern Home Offers Condo Alternative in Sabin Neighborhood

Finding Portland Modern Homes in the Grant School District is about as rare as a sunny day in December.  This magnificent modern masterpiece is exactly what a modernist in Portland hopes to encounter in their home search.  The flat roof, … Read More

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