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Portland real estate prices March 15,2017 | By Paul Johnson | Market Trends

Where Are Portland Real Estate Prices Headed? Is This the Time to Buy or Sell, or Both?

In the past few years, the Portland housing market has become a seller’s dream. That is because the population growth is driving the demand for housing. That is in addition to pulling the real estate market out of recession. Unfortunately, … Read More

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Portland's Growth Plan March 8,2017 | By Paul Johnson | Market Trends

Portland’s 2035 Growth Plan and Vision

To say that Portland has experienced a lot of population growth over the past several years would be an understatement. According to the Census Bureau, Portland’s population grew by an average of 111 people per day between July of 2014 … Read More

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January 4,2017 | By Paul Johnson | Market Trends

Emerging Portland Real Estate Trends for 2017

There is a lot going on with real estate trends right now thanks to the recovering economy. Despite predictions of doom in the wake of the most contentious presidential election in decades, the economy has proven resilient and 2017 looks … Read More

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Portland appreciation December 14,2016 | By Paul Johnson | Market Trends

Portland Appreciation Is Tops in the Nation: Is It Sustainable?

The Rose City, Stumptown, P-Town, PDX. Whatever nickname Portlanders use, the people who live here have a lot of reasons to love this Pacific Northwest city. Something visitors are sure to notice is the thriving food, wine, and craft spirits … Read More

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portland adu November 10,2016 | By Paul Johnson | Market Trends

How Airbnb and the Sharing Economy Is Affecting Portland Real Estate

The internet has made some miraculous changes in the way we communicate.  People across the globe can now connect in an instant and interact via voice or video. It’s no wonder, then, that both individuals and businesses alike are finding ways to … Read More

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will portland's housing boom go bust anytime soon October 12,2016 | By Paul Johnson | Market Trends

Will Portland’s Housing Boom Go Bust Anytime Soon?

It should come as no surprise that homeowners and buyers alike are skittish about the current housing boom in Portland. At the moment, buyers seeking new homes are flooding the market and current construction simply isn’t keeping up. How long will … Read More

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June 22,2016 | By Paul Johnson | Market Trends

Why Summer Is the Best Time to Sell

Portland is really a seller’s market at the moment, with more demand than supply, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you can afford to wait indefinitely to sell your home. With buyers widening their nets to search Portland neighborhoods that are … Read More

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portland real estate trends January 27,2016 | By Paul Johnson | Market Trends

Portland Real Estate Trends to Look for in 2016

Portland is a place like no other. As cities go, it’s not among the largest in the nation, and perhaps that’s why residents still have the unfailing friendliness that is more often found in much smaller towns. It’s a city … Read More

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