January 11,2017 | By Paul Johnson | Lifestyle

Tips on Navigating the Portland School System

Young adults that are thinking about starting a family have a lot to consider when purchasing Portland modern homes, including which Portland neighborhoods offer access to the best schools. Parents that want to be prepared may have mapped out their … Read More

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October 5,2016 | By Paul Johnson | Lifestyle

10 Things to Consider Before Moving to Portland

Portland is growing in leaps and bounds as many young professionals head for the greener pastures of the Pacific Northwest. Although shows like Portlandia poke fun at the silly stereotypes surrounding the many alternative lifestyles in Portland, you shouldn’t take … Read More

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August 10,2016 | By Paul Johnson | Lifestyle

5 Ideas for Minimalist Living

Whether you’re tired of living paycheck-to-paycheck because of the many consumer goods you purchase, you’re looking to downsize from larger homes to a Portland condo, or you’re starting to feel like a hoarder with all of the stuff in your … Read More

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July 13,2016 | By Paul Johnson | Lifestyle

5 Reasons Portland Is Consistently Named a Top American City to Live

Portland may be best known for abundant rainfall and a certain TV show about the wacky subculture that exists there, but the truth is that this little city in the Pacific Northwest is consistently rated as one of the top … Read More

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Walkable Portland Neighborhoods April 19,2016 | By Paul Johnson | Lifestyle

Expert Guide to the Most Walkable Portland Neighborhoods

Although the public transit in Portland makes it easy to get around via buses and trains, there are also plenty of urban areas where locals and visitors can enjoy easy romps that include dining, entertainment, and shopping options. If you … Read More

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Tiny House Movement February 10,2016 | By Paul Johnson | Lifestyle

How to Embrace the Tiny House Movement With a Modern Aesthetic

Ever since the onset of the Great Recession, many Americans have begun to embrace the notion of downsizing. Keeping up with the Joneses has long been the driving factor behind the so-called American dream, but some people have realized that … Read More

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Relocating to portland oregon February 3,2016 | By Paul Johnson | Lifestyle

5 Things You Should Know When Relocating to Portland

If you’ve seen Portlandia, you may have some preconceived notions about this Pacific Northwest bridgetown. The truth is that Portland happens to enjoy a diverse population of creative, outdoorsy, food-loving folks, many of whom are concerned about keeping the environment … Read More

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Modern family December 16,2015 | By Paul Johnson | Green Living,Lifestyle

Newest Trends in Sustainable Living for Portland’s Modern Family

Living sustainably has become more important to many people concerned by the worsening environmental impact of global warming. More and more conscientious adults are seeking ways to curb wasteful practices and do their part for the environment, whether that means … Read More

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