eco-friendly gardening tips March 2,2016 | By Paul Johnson | Green Living,Landscaping

Eco-Friendly Gardening Tips for Modern Homes

Gardening used to entail keeping your lawn green and manicured and planting all manner of exotic flora, regardless of cost or sustainability. The modern homeowner, however, is generally looking for ways to maintain a beautiful outdoor space without sacrificing money … Read More

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Lawn Mowing Portland Home April 8,2014 | By Paul Johnson | Landscaping,Lifestyle

April Lawn and Garden Do’s and Don’ts for Your Portland Home

April Lawn and Garden Do’s and Don’ts for Your Portland Home April begins gardening season, the time we get antsy to start working the soil, thinking about fertilizing the lawn and planting flowers in our Portland home. Whether you’re preparing … Read More

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Yard Crashers Design March 27,2014 | By Paul Johnson | Landscaping,Lifestyle

Local Spotlight – Free Landscape Design

Local Spotlight – Free Landscape Design If you are anything like me, when spring break hits and we get that first warm day here on Portland, OR, you begin to day dream about summer nights and bbq’s in the back … Read More

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getting your home ready for spring March 25,2014 | By Paul Johnson | Landscaping,Lifestyle

8 Tips For Getting Your Home Ready For Spring

  Preventive maintenance is crucial to the value and upkeep of your Portland home.  Keeping your home in great shape with regular check-ups will save you the headache and cost of emergency repairs. Spring Maintenance Checklist Clean the Gutters:  Gutters … Read More

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Portland Home Summer Maintenance Checklis July 30,2013 | By Paul Johnson | Landscaping,Lifestyle

The Ultimate Summer Maintenance Checklist for Your Portland Home

Take advantage of the warm weather to do maintenance on the outside of your Portland home and improve your landscape. Here are 20 tasks you might want to consider adding to your summer to-do list: Conduct an energy audit: It … Read More

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portland homes greener lawn May 6,2013 | By Paul Johnson | Landscaping

Portland Homes and Lawns: Growing Greener Grass

If you’re anything like me, you’ve driven through neighborhoods, admiring the Portland homes and immaculate lawns.  You’ve pictured your dry, brown yard, wondering how these homeowners managed to get their lawns looking so great. Here are a few tips and … Read More

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