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Modern Portland Home February 22,2017 | By Paul Johnson | Home Decor

Furnishing Your Modern Portland Home: 5 Great Local Furniture Stores

Portlanders are no strangers to the artisan and craftsman culture. Shopping for furniture finds can be quite an experience. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to narrow down your options. Portland furniture includes a wide variety of brand new, vintage, and … Read More

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January 25,2017 | By Paul Johnson | Home Decor

How to Maximize Space in a Small Closet

If you’re looking to move into the most desirable Portland neighborhoods, you may have to concede that owning Portland modern homes simply isn’t in your budget. Sometimes you have to make a determination whether location or square footage is more … Read More

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modern sofa December 21,2016 | By Paul Johnson | Home Decor

Choosing the Right Modern Sofa or Sectional

When you start perusing Portland neighborhoods, finding the perfect sofa for your home is probably the last thing on your mind. You’re likely thinking about home size, age, and costs.  You’ll also want to look into school districts, proximity to … Read More

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mid-century modern lighting December 7,2016 | By Paul Johnson | Home Decor

Your Guide to Mid-Century Modern Lighting Design

Portland is well known for its many beautiful and traditional architectural styles.  You can easily find homes in the Victorian, craftsman, and mid-century modern styles. There are also many Portland modern homes that have the appeal of eco-friendly elements like … Read More

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minimal aesthetic for the holidays November 16,2016 | By Paul Johnson | Home Decor

5 Ways to Decorate and Keep a Minimal Aesthetic for the Holidays

We’ve all seen the Portland neighborhoods where homeowners deck the halls (and everything else) with an overabundance of energy-guzzling holiday lighting and enough theme decor to populate a Macy’s parade float. However, not every homeowner needs to hit their neighbors … Read More

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mid-century modern guest suite October 19,2016 | By Paul Johnson | Home Decor

Creating a Mid-Century Modern Guest Suite

There is no shortage of mid-century modern homes in Portland, right alongside Victorians, craftsman-style, and Portland modern homes. So it’s not surprising that many residents are embracing the mid-century modern aesthetic when it comes to interior design and decor. Sleek lines, … Read More

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revamped garage doors September 14,2016 | By Paul Johnson | Home Decor

Improve Your Curb Appeal with Revamped Garage Doors

When most people purchase Portland modern homes, their main concern is upgrading the interior to make their living space more stylish and personal. However, the facade of your house and your front yard sends a strong message to neighbors and … Read More

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Kinetic Art Mobile August 31,2016 | By Paul Johnson | Home Decor

5 Fun and Easy DIY Projects for Your Modern Home

Model homes may be fun to look at, but nobody wants to live in one. Rather, you want your living space to reflect your personal style. Here are just a few fun and easy DIY projects that can turn your modern … Read More

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